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William Maeda Matsubara - Helis From Brazil
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Heliasas 2004 - Gaspar City, South Brazil

Oficial Photo

A gift

Good Friends From Argentina

JR Team From Argentina

H2 on the Field

Hotel's Workroom

Nigth Fly

Fortaleza 2004 - Fotaleza City, Northeast Brazil

M.A. Team

Lunch break on a steak house

Tempest FAI and Fury Extreme

Heliasas 2003 - Gaspar City, South Brazil

Oficial Photo

From the hotel to the field

M.A. Brazilian Team

Some Helis

Nice Heli Field

From the M.A Team

Scale - EK-117

Scale - Apache

Uberaba 2003 - Uberaba City, Southeast Brazil

Major TV News

Fury Extreme


Miniature Aircraft Meeting 2003 - Ribeirão Preto City, Southeast Brazil

Upside Down

Heli Pilots

Brazilian M.A. Dealer

Helis on the Field


Gaspar 2004

Advice for the youngs

The family

Configuration for the weekends

My planes 1/5 Scale

3rd National QM Pylon Racer


10 lines Cotton Picker

Cotton Field

Water Time

Water Time

Brazilian police

Brazilian police

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