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Gasser -- Spectra G Stuff
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RPM Mag Pickup
Bracket for Xcell gasser mag pickup
G-231 Engine

X-cell Gasser

CH47 Project
Yellow Banana

Trex 450 Stuff
V1 450 one way assy
DayGlo paint job Ugly but sure can see it

HS65 gear set

Decals from inkjet

Century Swift, Century Hawk Pro, body for Pro
Hawk Body, Hawk Pro, Swift Electric
Hawk Pro, Body behind it
Hawk body, Hawk Pro, Cat, Swift electric
Just some hoovering, (not a Hawk)

CoPilot mount using old boom support bracket and homemade topplate.
MCPX board repair

My messy Shop

Cheap lathe indexe scale
Scale Made of paper

My Bikes. The Other Passion. . . .
Custom seat on my Springer Crossbones
Skull headlight on CrossBones

Blue light special
Harley 1200 sportser, Vulcan 750

Hyper Charger on my Harley
Not mine, but cool

SOME ENGINES, and misc fun
Clock from Hard Drive
Florida gator got his meal
Me and Nasty Large Florida Rattler
My Home built Hit and Miss

My Little Hit And Miss gas all home built.
OS 37 on run in stand
Tubing Cat on Flight Path
Just buff it out please.

Ever wonder where lost baggage goes ??
NOT How To Launch !!!.
I told you to check the rigging ??

New Pilot Protection Gear

Misc Stuff.

Used to fly in these, long long ago.
sikorsky choctaw helicopter
sikorsky choctaw helicopter interior cargo

This is why I'm called GyroFreak
WWII Gyroscopes
Mark 12 Torpedo gyro WWII era
Old mechanical rate gyro for models
Parts for old RC gyro
This unit is being rebuilt as cutaway working demo unit.

Showing case cutaway, primer paint on case.
Gyro rotor showing turbine blades for spin up.
Working Directional Gyro with case cutaway
This big one is used in B-29 and B-17 Autopilot. Still works.

Not Mine but some really Cool canopies.

Political junk.


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