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Welcome - To my gallery. Here are a few of my favorite pictures:
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My Heli Videos: Some of my videos flying:
T-Rex Video (Early 3D)
T-Rex Night Flying Video
Fury Video
Raptor Video (Learning Autos)

January 2007 with my T-Rex 600 6S at the Stockton Flying Field!
March 2007 with my newest T-Rex 600 running 10S!
May 2007 with my 4s T-Rex 450SE V2
July 14 2007 with my T-Rex 600 Nitro

Crash Pictures:
Trex 600 Nitro Crash on 04/05/08 with Spectator Nick Bonpua

My T-Rex 450SE (with Quark 33A ESC, Medusa 28-32-3400):

My Stratus:

Sacramento Fun Fly 10/07/06
With Danny Szabo
With Jason Krause and Danny Szabo and Mark from GrandRC
Jason Krause and his Synergy
Danny Szabo and his Avant Aurora

Danny Szabo's Aurora in a low mid-flip

My Electric Fleet (Except for the Stratus in the back)
My Stratus with Kasama Head

More Pictures of Kasama Head
Close up of Kasama Head
Kasama head and the Stratus with canopy off

My Align T-Rex 600 CF

My new Canopy and Torque Tube upgrade!

My Align T-Rex 600 Nitro Pro
My 600 Nitro Pro next to my 10s e600

My Hirobo Lepton

My TRex 500E

My New Fleet (except Stratus and 700N) as of 12/31/07
From left to right - TRex 450 SE V2, Hirobo Lepton, TRex 500, TRex 600E, TRex 600N

My TRex 700Nitro Pro

My TRex 700E (Maidened 11/07/08)
With Fusuno Canopy
With Fusuno Canopy
with Zippy packs on board
with Zippy packs on board

My TRex 250 (Maidened 12/24/08)
250 with 700E
250 with 700E

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