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Wiring job on my new TREX 600
Raptor 30 V1 in a funkey TwinStar fuselage kit
Current project T-REX in Darthdrk Jetranger fuselage with JR9102 Radio with Spektrum Mod
Moving of labels from Spektrum DX6 Radio to JR 9102

Cutout of JR radio to show bind button
Action News 5 Helicopter

Field Charger Box
This is my field charger system. I started with a Stanley tool box from Walmart for $24 dollars.
On the front of the base I have a 1 to 2 amp trickle charger bought at Lowes for $20 dollars.
The parts tray is perfect to store all the connectors for the charger cables.
Mounted to the top are the two chargers, The MKII and the Poly 4, plus I have a 300 watt dc to ac inverter.

Inside the top kit I have an Steel Ammo can to hold the lipos while they are charging. This acts as a fire proof safe.
In the bottom kit is the battery. It's a deep cycle 80 amp hour Marine battery bought at Autozone for $60 dollars.
So far this is a nice setup. Works well and I have yet to run the battery down.
Update to my setup

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