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First Trex 600 Fire!!!
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Spartan AP 2000i
Macro shot

Trex 600 14 Oct 2006 before maiden flight
Domino kissing new baby!

Superframe v2 23 Apr 23 2006
DX6 under battery

Superframe v2 First Crash! 12 March 2006

Blade CP Green Meanie BL DX6 Radio
Blade CP
Blade CP with DX6
Blade CP with DX6 again

Superframe v2 11 March 2006 450th Quark 33A Apex 2100 15C DX6 Radio
450XL and New Child
Superframe v2
+-10 +-6 After first flight
+-10 +-6 After first flight

+-10 +-6 After first flight
+-10 +-6 After first flight
+-10 +-6 After first flight

Benson style Gyrocopter
My Gyrocopter
Another view
Ready for Takeoff


Paragliding Nagasaki Japan
Japan Van full of Paragliders

Eagle Tree Data Recorder
Idleup with slight hover
First Outdoor Hovers normal and idleup March 2006

Musicmen I'm on left
Hobie 18 just before race


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