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My Photos
Some of my Planks
P40E Warhawk Top-Flite
GWS A10 Tankbuster EDF
Irvine X-it (Combat :D)
Predator (Combat Wing)

The Cougar lives to see another day!
Extra 300
Goldberg Extra
Global Raven

IC Raven
New Extra
Protech Tojiero
Awaiting 1st Flight

Fliton Prodigy
New Prodigy
ZoomZoom 4D in action
Let it go!

Vectron Blackhawk
Zoom Zoom
Hacker 4D
Cougar under the Limbo string

Protech Ultimate
Leccy Corner!
Ikarus Extra

Now that's proper indoor flying
Pico Raven
118g without cells
New Gen Shockies

CD-Rom Power
Ikarus F3A
Ikarus Yak
Yak Shock Flier

TF Cessna

Logo 10

Other People's Models
Dexter's Zoom Indoors

What do you mean 'No Engine!' :D
Slope Soaring Concept 30
Look, no engine!
Now, where can I land??
I need a volunteer !!!

Boredom sets in!
Twin Rotor (2 x Futura's) and a lot of spare time :D

I like this cheap fuel
Gasser Head
Gasser in the Bench
Gasser in Workshop
Gasser & 3DNT

Gasser ready for the 'up'
Xcell Gasser

Henseleit 3DNT - the BEST thing since sliced bread
Two 3DNT's ??
3DNT Horiz fin Mod l/s
3DNT Horiz fin Mod r/s
3DNT Oooops

91 cracked crank 1
91 cracked crank 2
Pipe 'freeze' attempt 1
Pipe 'freeze' attempt 2

3DNT rebuild 1
3DNT rebuild 2
3DNT rebuild 3
3DNT rebuild 4

3DNT first flights 1
3DNT first flights 2
3DNT first flights 3
Posing 3DNT

Carbon in Pits
Another canopy (Carbon)
3DNT 'up'
Inverted Landing 'Doh'

New canopy - thanks Ray
Looking good!
no comment ;)
Reversed into the floor :(

Now with Rev-Lock

Just look at the Workmanship
Another excellent effort from Charlie
Great Visibility

New Henseleit 3DMP
The two Angels
Crying out for a colour?
Can't wait to compare them in the air
Where's that motor?

And now, the build :

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