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Synergy N9

OS 91 SZ Pumped Hyper with Hatori SB-18FH.
Hatori manifold is ported for max performance for the OS 91 SZ Hyper/PS

Align T-Rex 600 Nitro Pro

TT Raptor 50 Titan
12-30-2006 Sheldon's Close-Out Sale

Fromeco Arizona Regulator

Painted Plastic Align T-Rex 600 Tail Fins
New paint Job @ SVRW '07!

Engine died during a tail-slide
Boom pushed in the frame!

Scale Project

The Hawk Pro from below is used for the mechanics
The Green Heli!

Century Hawk Pro
2006 Bayside Jamboree
DataRecorder 2
DataRecorder 2
OS 37 with blown bearing

and everything else!

Hummingbird CP with mods

1st Heli with Direct Drive tail motor, metal head and GWS 3S LiPO
Direct Drive Tail

Learning to Hover!

SVRW Fun Fly 2007
The Pilots!
Golden Rule!

The Szabos waiting to finish my flying!

Circumgyration 2007

Great Ride!

Bayside RC Club

All about Lamas!
Be the Heli!

JR Electronics (ALL SOLD)
JR Synth Tx Module (SOLD)
JR R790 (SOLD)
JR R790 Synth with Deans (SOLD)
JR R2000 Synth. (SOLD)

JR RS6UL (R610UL) 8g (SOLD)
The sale package
Some more stuff!

Align T-Rex 450 SE (ALL SOLD)

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