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June 01 2017
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April 27 2017

April 18 2017

April 17 2017

Welcome to my Gallery
January to April 2017 A return of my Original Jetcat Hotcat

This model was around in the late 90's early 2000 this particular machine was resurrected following a crash, rebuilt when I sold my first Turbine EC135 in exchange for this machine, it is a great pod and boom turbine trainer using the JET PHT3 single stage turbine. I sold it back in 2006 and it has now come back to me. I have spent the past few months in between work stripping it down and rebuilding. It needed 2 new fuel tanks as the others had cracked around the inlet nipples, also needed a couple of other bits. I put back the Quick UK Raptor 90SE metal head, this required re jigging the servos and changing from 4 to 3 servo CCPM. Will Test Fly in the next few weeks.

2016 back to 2002 when I started.

Back into Miniature Aircraft with a New Stratus.

Dec 2014 to March 2015 New Project for 2015 Trex 700E Vario Large Jetranger

Shortening the boom and fixing back.

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