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Kev goes to Dayton - Oct 2017
Dayton Wingmasters Heli Fun Fly - Oct 2017

Kev's Hobby Room of Vintage Helis and a Plane or Two - March 24 2018

Bergen Intrepid - March 18 2018

Flight Box and Gas Can - February 01 2018
Built around 2000. Cermark power panel. Sonic Tronics fuel pump.
Holder for glow plug wrench and glow plug igniter, above.
Some plaques and "awards" decorating it.
1 gallon gas can. I need 1.5 or 2 gallon. Filter bought at local automotive shop.

Hangar 9 pump

Replacement lens for Jewel generator - December 22, 2017
Digi-Key # HMS_462_CTP

X-Cell 46 - September 27, 2017

Miniature Aircraft X-Cell 1001 and SE99 - Sept 9, 2017

American R/C Helicopters: Super Mantis Restoration - 2016/2017

Tail rotor assemblies - November 2016
The plan is to restore a Super Mantis and Fixed Pitch Mantis
That's why you see two tail rotor assemblies

Collective Heads - December 2016
This one's been sitting a while
This one's not too bad, in comparison
Before and after

Running an old OS .40 SF during a snow storm - December 09 2016

OS .40 SF engine mounted - December 10 2016

Fan shroud with extension - December 13 2016

Muffler mounted and test mount of struts and skids - December 13 2016

Servo Tray - January 01 2017
Front: Roll cyclic, Rear: Pitch cyclic
Front: Throttle, Rear: Collective
Top: Cyclics, Bottom: Throttle and Collective
Pushrods: top-pitch, middle-throttle, bottom-collective

Roll pushrod

Servo Tray Painted and Servos Mounted - January 11 2017
Roll and Pitch servos. Frsky Receiver to the left wrapped in foam and Velcro.
Futaba GY 401 Gyro, Throttle and Collective servos behind, Tail Rotor servo above
Left Side
Right Side

Swashplate, Follower, Cyclic Pushrods - January 15 2017
Swashplate and follower above, pitch pushrod between the frames
Pitch "elevator" pushrod to servo, Collective bellcrank, below
Roll "aileron" bellcrank and pushrods

Head and Collective Lever - January 19 2017
Head - Note collective wire through main shaft
Collective lever - Pitch range: -2 to +7 degrees

Tail Rotor - January 25 2017
Tail Rotor and plywood fin and bellcrank support
Note bellcrank and wire control
Wheel collars are adjusted to set pitch of tail blades when hovering

Super Mantis without Canopy - January 28 2017

Super Mantis - February 2 2017
Canopy courtesy of Jim Stratton
Thanks to all the RunRyder members who made it possible to restore an old Super Mantis!

First Test Hover - April 08 2017
Belt slipped. This was a known problem for this heli.
Fan slipped on aluminum hub. Will add some screws.

September 29 2016

FrSky Taranis X9D Transmitter

Painted with Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy Spray
T-Rex 450PRO DFC - July 2016

"Nemo" at Traverse Area Model Pilots Society (TRAMPS) Airshow - Traverse City, MI - June 25 2016

"Nemo" Bergen Intrepid transformed to an "Angry Bird" - May 2016

April 16 2016 - Raptor 30 and X-Cell 46, both rebuilt after being in storage for 10 years. Both still flying after all these years!

"Nemo" Bergen Intrepid Gas - Purchased 2016

Century pipe installed - May 2016

Bergen Intrepid Gas - Zenoah 23cc - FrSky Taranis X9D w/ X8R receiver - Futaba 9202, 9254 servos - GY401 gyro
Dronz Manufacturing RX-1 Racing Quadcopter - 2015

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