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Hirobo/Funkey Bell 222
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Heli Jamboree

Wheels up!

222 in flight.

First Heli Ride - Circumgyration 2005
Your best buys are always at Fry's, Guaranteed!

Where's the rear view mirror?
Bayside "The Field"

NUMMI, where I build cars.
Salt Evaporators

Bayside Photos
Who wants a dirt bath!!!
after only 3 tanks, hovering without training gear.
if you win, you fly!

Joe wins a Hawk Sport.
after woof, collective servo splines snapped off!
Longtime exposures are fun!

Bayside's Resident Owl
Fighting for Ch.58 pin
Total Anhillation at the jamboree 05

Raptor 50
mission peak

Revised Paint Scheme

O.S. 50
nasty piston
Meet the new kid

Fury Extreme 90
Finally Here!

What a mess!
Y.S. 91 Regulator

Flying at the jamboree

Misc Stuff
D70. Good times.
Sigma 70-300, Nikon 80-400 ED VR

My 2002 WS6
Dad and Rusty

Punk Raptor
Picture I took at Big Basin Santa Cruz
Fat Bastard CHP

Begin Include Unscripted
March 19 2005

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