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TRex 700E -LiPo Lock mod
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Electric Projects 2010 - Future SE-E
New Electric Futura - How windy is that!!!
rolling shutter on iPhone really sucks!
A mix of SE and Align
awaiting the new quick-change battery adapter

simple, direct, cheap and available cyclic system
... with classic SE drive components
motor controller turned around for neater wiring
the adapter plate awaiting it's saddle

1st fitting - slides on up there real easy
packs removed for charging
A Futura SE-E in all her glory
not happy with the tie-wraps - safer solution needed here

New Futura Projects 2008 - Electric Nova
The Actro 32/3 (motor) first fit
Dry test mounting a 5Ah 18.4v lipo
Cheers Eddy ...
.. for these pics

Futura SE Belt Tail Conversion
First attempt at convertion
a new Futura SE in all her glory
Hmm, need some bearing supports

Sorry, focus broke!
when dropped old camera in garage!
one PC World visit later - a new camera!
and new bearing blocks

Futura Home Build: Fuselage Mechanics Feb 2007

Futura Home Build: Std Mechanics Sept 2006

Futura Upgrade S1090 eCCPM Pics

F3C World Championships 2003

Japan Airshow

3D Masters 2003

Trophy De France F3C 2004

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