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The Century H500E Scale Fuselage w/Raptor 60 mechanics.
My little Raptor 46 and 9ZHP.
My Raptor 60, at the time it had a Webra 61P5/Weston Combo.
The Century H500E on its first flight.

Some Hi Res Photos of the H500E
That's me and my Raptor 60/H500E

More Photos
This is what got it all started. I saw this photo and new I had to build one just like it.
Here is my 500 with some decals down, I'm pleased with the vinyl decals laying down, almost like paint. 2mil base.
My fleet last summer. L-R, my X-Cell 60, Raptor 30 and my Raptor 60.
Aftermarket glass canopy looks so much better than the stock one.

My Raptors, the 60 is going inside the H500.
My R46 blade grips are now leading edge just like my R60!
I made this skin for G2, it's a photo modified in Photoshop. It's so weird to fly MY heli in G2 and it look exactly like mine.
Here's a slick all metal head

My original R60 w/Weston
My R30 at our FF in F.W.
Lineup of the scale competition at our FF.
My X-Cell 60, sold it.. doh!

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