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My first Helis
learning to fly a "new" ESky Belt CP (2008) with extra long training gear
flying the Belt CP 2 years later (2010)!
First Big Electric
Tiny, but stable and very durable!

Modified g20, FBL, TT, with Trex profile canopy

Stretched G20 to 700mm
FBL StrG20 stretched next to stock G20
StrG20 has stroker motor 22cc @ 3 hp
another view
Using Rail 696 mains

Radikal upgrades
CNC grade Pinions gears 12 - 15 tooth
CNC cut Main and Tail drive gears
G20 3 shoe clutch for 50mm bell
Clutch with Gun blue finish for G20 with tool

G20 high strength bottom frame
G20/30 One piece Aluminum Pinion Block
G30 3 Shoe Clutch for 59mm bell with tool
G20 Upright frame side compared to stock

G30 high strength bottom Frame

20ei Zenoah Titanium Connecting rod
Titanium alloy (G5) 20ei Zenoah Conrod blank
Center drilling
Boring big end of Ti Conrod
Center drilling Conrod small end

g20 Titanium conrod blank next to stock conrod
setting outside profile
Big end profile milling
profile cutting small end

profile milling of rod arm
cutting radius on big end
Stock steel conrod and Titanium alloy conrod in front
finished alloy bearing races prior to heat treatment

Finished Titanium alloy connecting rod, 30% lighter than stock and stronger
Version 1 of stroker crank prototype for 20cc up to 22.5cc

Custom 231PUH engine cover
delrin cover
aluminum cover

fits 231 and 260

Custom Stroker Crank from 20cc to 22cc with 3HP
4140 alloy
cutting diameter
Center drill
clearance drilling

Bore for crank shafts
Cutting Crank bearing rest
marking for bandsaw cut
polishing surface

crank "blank" removed from lathe
Lining up all axis prior to machining
Center drilling for big end pin
Boring big end for conrod pin

milling counter weight sides
Other side
finish cut
cutting for piston skirt clearance

After bandsaw cut
Profile milling conrod end
Finished Profile cut halves
milling conrod width clearance

Finishing cut
Crank Halves 90% done
cutting flow angles on crank halves
Crank shaft "blanks" oil hardening alloy

turning outside diameter of rear shaft
turning thread diameter
ready for threading
cutting thread for start pulley

turning front crank shaft
taper cut for output shaft
Center drilling for threaded hole
finish cut for press fit

Iraq 04 - 05
Alpha misfits
getting help from EOD
IED detonation
50% of my tour

25% of my tour
another 25% of my tour
aftermath of the one that nearly got me
shameless or courageous?

every day the same thing
no A/C but its home
this lands 50yrds away... and does not go off!

Iraq 06 - 08
Me on the right, taking break after IED trigger men search
Long range training with M24
Long Range training with Barret .50
packed like sardines in Taji

Two of my goofball Soldiers playing wit an airsoft pistol
4 hours a day atop a Iraqi Police Station
When being shot at, get behind a donkey...
Looking for Rocket launch sites

Helping the locals
flight home from Iraq to Kuwait

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