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Old helis
My first heli ever. V1 hummingbird. What a POS.
Another shot of my HB. I actually got it to fly pretty well.
Bad crash. I just broke out the shovel.
My first nitro heli, Hawk Sport with an OS .32. MIA, lost in the woods.

More construction pics of the Hawk.
I painted the Hawk purple. Soon learned why this was a bad choice.
After the purple one was so hard to see, I tried red.
My Hawk and a friends Rappy. The Raptor was eventually mine, too.

Yes, I used a hula- hoop as training gear.
My first (and only) boomstrike.
This is a Raptor I built for Barts uncle Ed.
The Gasser from hell.

Gasser construction.
This was my first kit. It went together well.
My gasser with my Princess.
So, after I lost the Hawk in the woods, this was my fleet.

My buddys Raptor after I bought it.OS .37, some paint, better blades and paddles. This thing moved.
My old fleet. I don't have any of these anymore.
Killed my Raptor at the Al's hobby funfly.
Another view.

Yes, I had a hot pink Shogun. It flew really well, for a Shogun.
I traded my gasser for a Fury Extreme.
The other side of my Extreme.
Did I have enough crap on my Extreme?

One day, I bought an Evo .50. My favorite heli so far.
My Evo setup for the first few months. I had to move the gyro, the tail kicked when I kept it here.
My bling bling head.

This is the Trex David Yates stole from me.
This thing was fun.
Look, I can fly.
My Swift.

Evo .90. Didn't like it.

Current fleet
Oops. Look, I broke the whole head off.
Finishing the Stratus.
Stratus ready to roll.
Stratus again.

Trex 600
More Trex 600.
Evo 50
SD-G head.

My Evo .50.
Vertol .50 under construction.
Vertol ready to go. Ignore the plank.

Friday Night Heli Club
Ready to roll.
Bart looking...
Mitch and his dad, Mike.
He is way too happy.

Our gang of heli rejects.
Just couldn't wait to try out the Stratus.
I killed Barts Raptor.
Another shot of why you never let a Hirobo guy fly your Raptor.

Sooner or later, we're gonna hit each other.

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