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Futaba 12Z Tx pack board
Futaba 12Z Tx cells
Throttle linkage. Ali cup encloses rubber bush
The 8mm dia x 8mm rubber bush

Raptor plastic headblocks. V1 left V2 Right
Raptor 50 adapter to allow old pushroad with longer boom.
4mm in-line sockets....
...with 4mm plugs

OS50 Hyper piston. Cut-out to front
Position of the important piston ring pin
Position of pin from above
Cut-outs in ring MUST fit around the PIN

Used con-rod showing bevel, again to front of engine
New rod shows bevel clearer
Plain side of rod to the rear
Raptor 30/50.Clutch shim correctly fitted. (Not flipped.) Note parallel slot.

12mm mdf parts
Assembled with solder reels
Storage mode
Ready to go

R608FS Rx, GV1, GY611, 4800 NiMh, and....
....Gem, HD Sw & DSC.
Battery pack labels, velcro on rear
Ready to go? or Flat

Servo holding fixture
Carbon pointer on small servo wheel
It's possible to measure fractions of a degree

Std ball link tool on L, Trex 450 size on R.
Hitec HS65MG
Aerials setup of R608FS
Outside view

Internal shot A
Internal shot B
Trex 450 Pitch setting blades
12Z aerial blank plug v1

12Z aerial blank plug v2
inside view of v2
Trex 450 CCPM set up tool
Tool on mainshaft

Trex 450 1.60mm spacer for Ele servo
0 deg pitch tool and 4.50 thick one for tail
R50 bolted to levelling jig
Button replaced by this one on Raptor 50 Kasama

When mainshaft is exactly perpendicular...
Flybar is locked
Digital Read Out of pitch
Mk2 blade mounts for DRO

Metal slugs for DRO magnets
Version for Trex 450
Mk 1 To ensure blade holders are at zero
Rubber mounted bracket for HD switch, Gem & DSC

Raptor clutch shim
611 Gyro on Raptor 50
Degree disc to check servo/Tx travel
Boxes for tiny parts

800x600mm Large boxes
Module with 600x400mm boxes
More modules below worktop
Blue boxes fit inside P size box

Wall mounted Boxes
Mobile boxes (different colour)
The Mk2 with new Mk3 driver
Birthday treat.

ZAP pack discharge mod
Pin retainer for Rappy 30/50 tails
My comment to many in the HGT. :-)
Digital Read Out of pitch

Mk2 blade mounts for DRO
Metal slugs for DRO magnets
Mk 1 To ensure blade holders are at zero
cross-drilled cone bears on flat filed on primary shaft

Pre-finished bracket with rubber mountings
Old pin-flag & glow bracket with new version
Rappy 50 with the DC-Up in operation
carbon plate for HD switch

Servo parts fitted to plate
Set-up of HV-85 at zero pitch
CNC machined 25mm MDF to securely hold in Workmate
Problem: How to fit everything in a Rappy 50!

Design started - bars later moved outside top.
Brackets with rubber mounting for Arizona
Box for the Fromeco pack, also holds GV-1 + GY611 controller

Rubber mounted Rx
Rubber mounted Rx

Method had to be found to avoid new hole being so close to existing
Solution: Align Futaba disk 22.5deg anticlockwise
Lining things up
Mark on rear of disk to check

Ready to cut out.
...and fitted
Mk3 Glow bkt + Pin flag switch

Mk3 bracket fitted
3rd bearing for start shaft (John Vugt's idea)
Piston pin remover for OS50 Hyper
Hyper head reduced by 0.50mm

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