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Beam E4 (more photos to follow)
Beam E4 with Team Beam Cap
Beam E4 Ready for it's maiden

My Hirobo Helis
Avant Style Freya Canopy
Avant Style Freya Canopy

Inner holes on blade grips
e-station 902 - BC6 - EVO20
Sceadu Evo50 - 2007 colours

Boxed and ready to be shipped to USA
Evo 90
Evo 90
Sceadu Evo50 inverted

    Freya Evo 90
Evo 90 - OS91 SZ-H Pumped
CSM 720 Gyro & Fromeco Setup
OS91 SZ-H Pumped

    Sceadu SWM Evo 50

Sceadu Evo Avant swashplate mod
New metal Avant swash beside the Sceadu original
Spliting the Sceadu Swash
Upgraded swash
Fitted back into the Sceadu

Sceadu EVO 50 SWM

Hirobo Eagle GS II

The Eagle is used for our Aerial Photography business. First Gas/Petrol Heli, with flight times of over 40 mins. Very smooth flyer.

Trex 600e

Trex600 - 2007 colours
Trex600 - 2007 colours

Ballymoney Fly In 2007


    Trex 600
Trex in Action

CSM SL720 gyro

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    My New Uploads
Khaos gone wrong :(
Me flying in the canyons in Southern California
David Nolan's Fury at 3DM 2005

Pete's Heli Gallery
Raptor 90

This is my Raptor 60 which I converted to a short boom 90 with a OS 91 c-spec and perry pump. Its awsome.
Raptor 90 Being but through its paces
My Raptor 60 with OS90 c-spec
Decals 3

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