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Just purchased this REX-600 off RunRyder!
Radio RX gyro freshly installed
Flying shots coming up
Nice paint!

Razor hovering in driveway
smooth as silk
headspeed @ 2200
spooled and ready

newest canopy from Justcanopies
New OS91SZ with pump and reg/fuel magnet

June 2006 seven Helis in the fleet(smallest on end rubber powered)
all birds fly-able
you can see the fuel/oil stains in pavement after "pad" removed
side view

first lift off of my brand new R-90
spooling up
Calli graphics
690 Vblades/OS 91 C-spec

ready to spool-up
Rocket pods and FLIR installed
Hovering in the redwoods

Maiden flight hover in driveway
Side view first hover
Up at the field
Still needs rocket pods installed and camera

New Canopy, and tail feathers
Vblades at tail
710mm Vblades for mains

Caliber 50 upgrade
KSJ head/Quick UK grips-Mixing arms
Longer boom, 600mm blades, OS 50

'03 Annaversary Vette "Joey" poodle ground crew
C-50and R-70
My fleet

Erics- Jr voyager Agusta 109 Hovering at my shop
Quick EP10 (voyager gear)

4S4P MAH lipo battery
Hacker C-50 13L

Caliber TT-39 HOT-ROD (Zebra)
Stuck in quicksand

Caliber 50 FT

Raptor 70
Sunset through Raptor 70 over Humboldt Bay

'2000 Corvette coupe
Early C-30 forward flight

Fourth month of Heli flying
Hovering over Humboldt bay

Begin Include Unscripted
December 23 2005

March 31 2005

March 16 2005

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