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Outrage Velocity 50 (5/24/2010)
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Successor of my Sceadu 50

Configuration : OS55, Outrage muffler, 3x9255, 1x9451, 1x9254, GY520, GP 4 cells NiMH 2000mAh.

JR Vibe 90 - substitute of my TD NT (12/25/2007)

Successor of the TD NT, I hope to have more luck with my Vibe 90

Configuration : 3xBLS451, 1x9254, 1xBLS251 with GY611, Radix 710, OS 91SZ-H with MP5, Thunder Power LiPo 2 cells 2100mAh (7.4V), SGP.

First set up
First hovering
Ready to go

At the moment, I haven't succeeded yet to tune my OS91SZ-H. If I don't give gaz very slowly, the engine stops. I tryed with rich niddles and pour niddles. I will insist hoping that the engine has no problem.
New configuration (09/2008)

Configuration : OS 90HZ

My Vibe in the mountains
The German Black Forest in the background

My Vibe & I in coolness of a Swiss winter
What a fun in the snow
In confidence

At the "Amicale de Lajoux" (08/2009)

Canopy : Canomod

I love this canopy
Ready to jump
Canopy chosen by my wife

What a precise helicopter


After the engine went hot in flight, an autorotation went bad resulting in a boom strike. The Vibe is a very expensive machine, too expensive; I can't tell how long I can keep affording it.

-7°C and always so responsive
The passion is over the temperature


AMJD : AéroModélisme Jurassien Delémont
Our field is located on North of Vicques (JU, Switzerland) in a small country valley away from the nearest town.
Our field in winter
Our winter landscape
There's a smell of Springs
Landing field

I entered the club in 2003. I started my experiences that year directly with a helicopter; I was 30 years old. In 2004, I integrated the committee as secretary. Since 2007, I'm also vice-president.
Club ACA

ACA : Aéromodèle Club Ajoie (JU, Switzerland)
Restoration of our field

I entered the club in 2005. This club is in the same canton as AMJD, not far away from each other. The understanding between them is exemplary.
Hobby & Family

Joining hobby and family is important and easier than lacking of understanding.
My daughter at the field
Party for our comprehensive and supportive women
My wife & my daughter
Malory is getting used to a Futaba

First attempt in torque for Malory
My daddy is a pilote

My wife, Isabelle is very supportive about my hobby. She motivates me, when a heli is down and she is also enthousiatic when we travel for a fun fly. My daughter, Malory, plays all around the field,...
Jura Heli 06 (06/10-11/2006)

The committee: Pierre-André Grossenbacher, Julien Hoffmeyer, Alessandro Salsetti
Vibe of Lukas Riva

EC145 of Hope Modellbau
Team of Saturday
NH90 of Hope Modellbau
Raptor 50 of Lolo

Logo of Jura Heli 06

The fun fly has been one more time a big success with even more public this time.

Sceadu Evo 50 - substitute of my C30 (02/24/2006-12/15/2008)

Touched to see me sad without a second trainer heli, my wonderful wife offered me a Sceadu Evo 50.
Configuration : 3x9255, 1x9451, 1x9254 with GY502, CGT 600, OS50Hyper with MP2, GP 4 cells NiMH 2000mAh.
Update / tuning : 3rd bearing at the tail reduction.
Tuning for run in

Since the beginning, the tail of the Sceadu could not stay in place and moved regularly and rapidly to the left. I changed the place of the gyro, the gyro itself, the tail servo, the receiver. Nothing helped, until I crashed model because it started to spin like spinning top (crash on 05/31/2006). After testing the batteries, I noticed that despite the tension, it could not stand the demand of current causing the gyro to switch off for a while and reset itself right after. Probably the batteries is not powerful enough to work with 5 digital servos and a GY502. Those protections have not been enough. The servo tail died and I succeed to save my model. After a new servo tail, the cable from the captor to the gyro started to malfunction. I almost saved my model this time, except that the spindle shaft is bent. After a nth attempt, we check the rpm and we discovered, that I was way over the 2000rpm. Finally, I reset my curve and needles to be at maximum 1910rpm and the shaking of the tail disapeared. Some weekends after, the tail started to respond intermittently only; I thought that it was this time the gyro, because I couldn't believe in other failure of another 9254. I bouhgt and intalled a GY401 and before the first flight, I noticed that the tail servo was not reponding anymore. I installed the repaired servo and everything was back to normal. So I had two faulty 9254 in a row that destroyed my TD NT and two times my Sceadu. I never had such a sad season, full of crashes, no pleasure to fly and no progression. What's wrong with these 9254?
It's flying!
Tail not super steady yet
I'm finally happy
Sceadu and I

Fast forward
First snow bath
Untouched snow
Brushing snow

Sticky snow
Frozen monsters
CGT blades

New configuration and updates (03/03/2007)
Configuration : 3x9255, 1x9451, 1x9254 with GY401, Radix 600 and Radix 92, OS50Hyper with MP2, GP 4 cells NiMH 3000mAh.
Update / tuning : vertical fins made of carbon, 3rd bearing at the tail reduction.
Radix blades
Smoking mp2
Finally happy
Gas station

Full of power
Carbon vertical fin
Inverted hovering
Loading during lunchtime

Next time, I cut the grass
Inverted FF
Empty tank

Pirouetting circles
Training autorotations
Safe and sound

New configuration and updates (05/01/2007)
Configuration : No more weight left in the paddles.
Update / tuning : Harder dampers (Infinitation).
New canopy for fun flights
Greetings for the public
Me at the rural market of Chatillens
Entering a funnel

Shoot sequence
2 engine bearings dead in 1 year

What the hell is wrong with my OS50 Hyper. With the first one, I had a broken crankshaft. With the second one (after guarantee), my rear bearing went bad after a year and the back of the engine was damaged. I bought a second OS 50 Hyper and same issue after one year too (I had never flown too hot, I used different fuels for each engine)!
Incrediable, after two years of duty, The rear chamber of my mp2 dissociated itself from the rest of the muffler! I never could think that possible, because there is no welding between the two chambers, it is in one piece at the origin.
New configuration (05/2008): Configuration : Hatori 521
The heli is seriously quieter than with the last version of the mp2. I can't tell, if there is a power difference yet. As my bearings are gone bad again (after only one year), I tried a full metal bearing for my engine (without cage). Strange, each time that my rear bearing went bad, I broke my clutch shoe too or is it the contrary? At least, both events are related.
Caressing corn

After many flights and years of good service, my Sceadu found the peace. A serious crash at high speed against tar led him to a definitive death. The price to repair it was higher than the half price of a new kit (not considering the blades and all the spare parts I already had). So I sold its carcass for a song. Thank you my faithful Sceadu for all the happiness you brought.
As you might imagine, at the field, the bets on its successor are opened: T-Rex 700, Vibe 90SG, T-Rex 600 or Vibe 50?
Three Dee NT - My dream (03/15/2004 - 09/16/2007)

My second heli, one year after the Caliber 30. My delightful wife sustained me one more time. Thank you very much Isabelle.
Configuration : 3x9206, 1x9202, 1x9254 with GY502, MAH 710 and K&S95, OS91FX with Hatori 700, 4 cells NiCd 1700mAh. Left rotation.
Modifications : aluminum holder for the horizontal fin, attached skids.
First step : the body
Placing the motor

Shape of the beast
The moving flybar system
Tail rotor
Ready for breaking in

First Hover
Shy translation
David & Goliath
Ready for the field

Getting used to the orientation
So uncontrollable the first fly
The manifold burnt the canopy

Not too high
Tidying up after the first day

My TD NT and I
Rudder servo got unplugged from RX

Beginner error: the plug of the rudder server was not correctly inserted in the RX. I've learned it at my expenses.
After the first crash a new painting of the canopy (05.2004)
New Canopy
Can't wait to be flown

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