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Shaft Failure on Actro 32-3H
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Highly recommened piece of equipment
Stens 610-381 Filter/Clunk -- There is NO need to spend $16 on the OMi Fuel Magnet with which you will HAVE to replace the foam element when you can get one of these with a permanent filter element for $2.38 from Sears or $4 from Rick's R/C.

Setup Techniques
A way to really get your swashplate level.

A = A' and B = B'
An even better way to level the swash.

A Neat WW2 Optical Tachometer I Got on eBay

Helis I Don't Have Anymore
Rest In Pieces
I don't have either of these anymore.

My future heli man.

Begin Include Unscripted
June 21 2017

January 27 2014

January 14 2014

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