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Gas X-Cell with HeliCam Solutions carying Sony VX1000
HeliCam Solutions Camera mount at fun fly on Raja's Gasser
Top shot of our flying field

HeliCam in the air at a shoot
Shot from the North end of our flying field
A friends house using the HeliCam Solutions mount
I'm hungry and I love to fly!

Should I be smiling?
Canopy done in 21st century iron on fabric
The Rotary clunk is heavier and will follow fuel better.
Fuel dot open. Simply remove the plug to fill or drain tank.

Fuel dot closed
G231PUH on left, G230PUH on right notice increased fin size.
G231PUH with a Walbro 643 carb on left, G230PUH on right. Notice carb difference.
G231PUH on left, G230PUH on right, notice fin area and spark plug size.

Plumbing to my carb on G231PUH.
View through my opened up air box.
Gas X-Cell with G231PUH
Left side view of my gas X-Cell mechanics.

Right side view of my Gas X-Cell mechanics.
Open up areas of airbox as shown with the arrows to let your carburator breath better.
Rotary 38-9024 vs Stens fuel filter pickup
Upper frame reinforcement for Gas X-Cell

Pitch arm at full collective interfering with split collar
Pitch arm at negative collective interfering with top of front transmission bearing

My Files

gv1_mounting_instructions_for_G-23.doc How to use the magneto magnets in the flywheel of the G23 to trigger the GV-1 govenor.
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