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Hornets revisited in 2014
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What I do when not flying RC helicopters...

My current occupation as a corporate and 135 charter IFR helicopter pilot. Pictured is the Agusta 109E Power, a twin-engine, IFR, 140 knot helicopter. Seating six in the back, it is the ultimate flying limousine.
Heading home
Brand New!
Agusta 109S Grand

LA 500 Autogyro

A cool little RC gyro that flies pretty darn well for a pusher. These were lifted off my video camera, so they are not as sharp as they should be.

Check out the video HERE!
Inverted Blade mSR

Before the mCPx came out, I messed around with modified mSR to fly inverted. Just take the upper blades of a mCX, cut off the mounts and attach them upside down onto the grips, reverse the throttle channel, and it's done!

Now I can do ceiling landings easily at home

Airstar JetCopter SX

Newer pictures...

Picures when she was new...

Check out the JetCopter on YouTube by clicking HERE!

JetCopter with a T-Rex 250

Introduction to Radio Control Helicopters Book

This was a fun project. I started writing this book in 2007, and sold a few hundred of them. I enjoyed doing all of the writing, editing and illustrations. I learned a lot myself in the process, mainly about editing and education. The book is long out of print, and a bit dated now, since it was written for flybars and drones really didn't yet exist. But I am grateful for the folks who bought one and for the friends that I've made since then.
T-Rex 450 V2

Current Miniature Aircraft Helicopters
Recently converted Fury Extreme
Fury Extreme and Ion
Canopies by Arizona Heli.

Fraternal Twins

The Fury was acquired in 2003 as a 60 powered Expert. After adding components one at a time, it became a Fury Extreme. It has been and remains a great practice helicopter.
Sub-Micro Heli February 2008
Transmitter is included, and it came ready to fly, but needed some fine-tuning
Headspeed 3000 RPM on a 2 cell LiPo
Very fast flip rate! Gyro does fairly well for its small size
Down low...

I picked this up at the AMA Convention in Ontario in January 2008. It is half the size of a T-Rex 450!
Radio Controlled Autogyro

The Scamp Autogyro from Autogyro Company of Arizona ( This is based on the SIG Rascal airframe and is also a convertible. You can take the rotor head off and put the wing on and fly it as an airplane! The rotor is fixed pitch, and turns at a slow RPM. Controls are rudder and elevator on the tail surfaces and roll is accomplished by tilting the rotor head. An outrunner brushless motor and prop provides the thrust. It is always in autorotation.

My thanks to Jerry Case for the pictures!
A little history...

I started out in my garage with a Ikarus Piccolo in the summer of 2000 shortly after getting my full-scale Helicopter ratings. I worked my way up the electric ladder through the Hornets, the ECO 8, the Logos, and then on to nitro with a 60 powered X-Cell. I first learned from Todd Bennett on the Freya, then the Fury (

I am a corporate and charter helicopter pilot as well as a current airplane and helicopter CFI and I like to introduce new folks to flying by offering buddy-box training on my Fury. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

One of the more recent entries to my stable is the Airstar JetCopter SX. It has flown a lot with some moderate aerobatics and autorotations. Nothing like seeing such a huge beast doing cartwheels in the sky!

I love the little helicopters but, I do get more quality practice with the larger ones. I still have my classic Miniature Aircraft Fury Extremes with a YS 91 3DS and SAB 710 blades. I have had this one since 2003; it started off as a 60 powered Expert and gradually became an Extreme in 2006.

You can find me at the Apollo 11 Field in Van Nuys, California. For flight training or setup, contact me at
My salute to knife-edged flight
Marty Kuhns and the Vibe
MA Stratus
Jason Kraus's T-Rex 600
Jason Kraus's Synergy

Jason Kraus's Synergy

Aircraft 2005-2006
The Fury when it was a 60
The Fury Ion! Super Smooth and Powerful!!!

The Ion in a state of rebellion
Finally picked up a T-Rex

Plastic frames have no glitches!
Stock T-Rex XL with JGF outrunner
Checking out another T-Rex for a friend

Bert Magbanua in motion

(Mostly) Electric Helicopters 2004-2005
My Lithium Powered Logo 20 at home
The trusty Hornet 1
My minimally modified Hornet 2

The Hornet down in the dirt
A vintage fixed-pitch Cricket!
Chris Tylo with the world's most expensive weed-eater!

My Logo 20 at night
A Night sky painting (scribble?) with the Logo 20

Other things I fly...
A World Record Nov 2003. I've circled my position
My Air Command Gyroplane

Back when I was flying 727s
Took my commercial checkride in this
I'm not the only one who flies here...

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