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These are PDF files to be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Good list to go by for when preparing a flight. Download these by right-clicking the item and then clicking on 'Save Target As'.

4-point forward flip

45 degree climbing forward flips

backwards-inverted figure-8





knife-edge piroeutte

outside loop

piroeutting flip

piroeutting loop

Tumbling Circuit

staionary backwards/forward flips

sideways loop

square loop

Click here to download my vote for the BEST helicopter video. Todd Bennett flying his Fury!

Download these by right-clicking the description or the picture and then clicking on 'Save Target As'. Once downloaded, please follow the installation steps that you can find here.

To see some of the heli's from the screensavers, check out the aboce photo albums. Obviously they are not all my heli's so I thank those who contributed to the screensavers.


JR Heli








Night Flying



Heli-Chicks (18)

3D Masters 2003


RC Heli -not mine
Download these by right-clicking the items and then clicking on 'Save Target As'.

G2 Recording: Spurry - Low Roll-Out

CAA To Probe Plane Crash - Dad's accident

Italian man who went to malta. A VERY FUNNY audio file

Magic Roundabout, the terrible driving obstacles in England.


CSM540 instructions

GWS-PG01_GYRO instructions

Bearing Failures-Causes + Cures

CSMV10 Simulator Instructions

Click "HERE to download some midi files.

Click here to get thinking about BADGERS !!!


THANK YOU to all who have contributed pictures! I have developed these photo albums to gather the best of the pics displayed here on Runryder and have categororized them for your viewing ease. I hope you enjoyed browsing the pages and check back soon as this gallery is under constant construction.If your stunning pictures are displayed here and would like it removed, please

To save the pics, click the small rectangular box under the pics and copy the location after the {IMG} tag that pops up. Not the one with a '-' before the jpg. Paste it into another browser, click enter then right click the pic and 'save as'.
Hope you liked it!
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