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Welcome to my RunRyder Gallery

I started in helicopters in 2000 but I have been in RC aircraft for 12 years.

This was my first,
and I still have it.
Same Helicopter
Different Canopy

I dabble with painting Helicopter Canopies. Below you'll find a few of my finshed paint jobs.
Click on the picture to make them larger

My X-Cell
ST modified to a CT
First Paint Job
A Canopy I painted for myself
Which ended up on a local Flyers SE
Scott's Canopy ready
to go
Scott (ExtremelyFurious) &
his new canopy

My newest paint job on my Raptor 50 V1 with an OS-50 Engine

My Next project, I call it my Econo 50. Its a Raptor 30 upgraded to a 50. power will come from an Thunder Tiger 46 ProH. The engine runs on 10% Nitro and while it doesn't have the power of the OS-50 it a lot cheaper to operate and still a lot of fun to fly. I also plan to use this as my Auto Trainer.

My newest project is a Fury 50 Expert which I acquired here on RunRyder.
It isn't quit finished yet, waiting on a few parts from Rick's to finish it up.

So far it's out fitted with 4 JR 8231 servos, JR G5000T Gyro and a 8700G on the rudder. Engine is a OS-50 with a Muscle Pipe. Main Blade are NHP 600.

Evon's Fury 50
Fury 50
(full view)
Fury 50
(Little Closer)
Me And My Fury 50

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