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October 24 2013
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My Logo 600 3D April 2011
Right canopy hole to far forward

SHARKS Rotors on the Red 2011
My new baby and me
June 2011
April 2013

SCN_0001.pdf  2.6mb

My Trex 600 ESP 12S FBL Summer 2010
I'm lov'n on the 600!
Two turnigy 35C 3000mah in series, Scorpion 4025-630
New CC 20amp BEC replaced align regulator and battery

I moved the Gy611 around
Heres a look at the 12S setup
Wires pre-Sbus

Cut away of Vbar Trex
Now FBL and low!
Front TT strip on tic tocs

My Trex 600 ESP 12S Flybarred setup Spring 2010

Welcome - My Flybarred Trex 600 ESP 2009 Sold 2011

Snow in Louisiana Feb 2010

Template for 3rd bearing block holes
Scorpion 4025-1100 setup for 6S
Align 1900mah battery and Regulator setup

6S EXI 450 Pro stock
Trex 450SEV2 sold Dec 2010

Trex 450 SEV2 where it all started!
EXI 450 LE...long gone.

My family
My girls...and me!
She's a real beauty!

Doyle and his "Smoking Hot" trex 600 ESP
Doyle with new align ESC that works
Note the fried align 100 ESC!
Note inside canopy smoke damage

Where's the landing gear?
Chuck and Doyle

Soldering mishap
Don't let the leads touch!
6s 3000mah can fry leads in a hurry!

Going from 6S to 12S on Trex 600 ESP
Physically larger with two 6s 3000mah

Going from 3S to 6S on Trex 450

Charging Station
Charging station ready for transport. Chargers velcroed to tray.
11A Powersupply and Ichargers setup. Batteries velcro to tray.

This is why you don't leave lipos unattended

My Planks
Yak 55 that I scratch built from foam

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