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Big ups to Footey of Hobby Hangar for pointin' me in the right direction for a new heli. Thanks again for a wicked machine. =^/.^=

>Flight Status: Active.
    Electronic Equipment:
  • Cyclic Servos: 3x Align DS510M
  • Tail Servo: Align DS520
  • Transmitter: Spektrum Dx7s
  • Receiver: Spektrum AR8000
  • Gyro: Align 3G Flybarless
  • ESC: Align RCE-BL70G 70ampere Brushless Speed Controller
  • Motor: Align RCM-BL500MX 1600Kv Brushless Outrunner
  • Battery: 2x Wild Scorpion 6s 2.8Ah 30C LiPO & 2x Turnigy 6s 3Ah 25-50C LiPO
  • Lighting: Align Cold Light String driver & two sections of GloWire.
  • On-board Camera: Fat Shark 720p built into the nose of a blank canopy.
  • Fat Shark Teleporter V2 5.8GHz FPV Rig.
  • Heli Option's gimbal swashplate for T-Rex 500.
  • Fun-Key Rotor Tech 430mm carbon composite light-up main rotor blades.
This new canopy suits the namesake "Tesla" better.
This is how the lighting will look like.
I used masking tape as a temporary mount.
A close up of the temporary mounting.

Temporary mounting is now been replaced with 5min Epoxy Glue.
The lighting draws its power from the ESC's built-in BEC via the Rx.
It passes under the tail box to the vertical fin.
Here, you can see how I've mounted the GloWire.

One of the most difficult parts was contouring the tail fin.

I added an onboard switch so that I can fly this heli during the day using the same canopy.

    Tesla in action
  • Date: July 18 2013
  • Location: Onerahi Recreational Field
Lit up & ready to go.

Just some Lazy hovering...
...nothing fancy
Me shutting the helicopter down.

KingII Hot Rod

Big thanks to Ian & the team at Watts Up Hobbies & BigBadFlyer for helping me with building & setting up this monster of a helicopter. I couldn't have done it without y'all. =^/.^=

>Flight Status: Decommissioned.
    Electronic Equipment:
  • Cyclic Servos: 3x Turnigy TGY-1800A 8g 1.5Kg/cm 0.1sec/60deg Digital Servos.
  • Tail Servo: HiTec HS-5045HB
  • Transmitter: Spektrum DX7s
  • Receiver: OrangeRx R800X 2.4GHz DSMX w/S.Bus & twin satellite Rx ports.
  • Gyro: Hobby king HK-401B
  • ESC: Scorpion Commander 45ampere Brushless ESC
  • Motor: Scorpion prototype HK2221-8 3595Kv Brushless Outrunner
  • Battery: DN Power 3s 1.85Ah 25-50C LiPO & DN Power 3s 2.2Ah 25-50C LiPO
  • eSky metal blade grips
  • 275mm carbon fiber blades
  • eSky Brushless power system (Featured a 3100Kv brushless outrunner coupled to a 20ampere ESC - which I burnt out)
  • Hobby King HK-401B AVC gyro
  • T6-6061 47T forward tail pulley
  • T6-6061 10T aft tail pulley
  • T6-6061 main & tail rotor heads
  • T6-6061 tail box
  • Thicker landing skids (as seen on Align's T-Rex 450SE v2)
  • 140T black Delrin main drive gear
  • Scorpion power system
  • Now capable of swinging up to 300mm blades
  • Section cut out of canopy to allow for the taller HK2221-8
  • 12T pinion gear
  • Xtreme Production 275mm fiber reinforced blades
  • Canopy is signed by Curtis Youngblood himself.
  • Now operates on the 2.4GHz Spread Spektrum band.
Problems with the new rotor head.
If you decide to "upgrade" the rotor head, I would advise you to get a KingIII flybar to go with it. The KingIII flybar has two recesses in it so that the grub screws holding the Hiller arms can sit properly on the flybar.
The Hiller arm.
How it should sit.
How it should NOT sit.
Note the swashplate is still level.

Flight testing the prototype Scorpion HK2221-8 motor.
The Crash!
Dented master blade.
Cracked trailing blade.
Boom strike upon impact.

Main blades cut one of the tail blades.
Snapped the left landing skid.
Bent flybar & feathering shaft.

Melted polycarbonate on the motor intakes.
Motor cut a hole into the canopy.

C.G.I. Concept Designs

KingII Frame.
This was gonna be the base design showcasing my modifications before my hard drive died on me.

My gas turbine.
First concept showing the insides.
What the can looks like.
A cutaway drawing showing the working parts.

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