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Stratus FAI

This is how I bought it from a dude on RR. Since then I have changed it as far as electronics go. It has 3- 9252's , gy601 with a 9251, gv-1 with a 9250. Changed the mp2 to a sb-16 or something. This was a tempest FAI upgraded to a stratus.

Stratus Extreme

This helicopter has 3-JR 8311 servos, 611 with a 9256, gv-1 with a 9250, YS 91 with a viperhead , mp2 , duralite 4000mah with 5.1v reg. , 710 V-blades. Converted it from a temepst FAI and put on an extreme head since I wanted it different from my other stratus. Has an open gear box.


These are the images after buying it from fury tester. I will soon include pics of my own. It has 3-9252's, gy601/9251, UBEC, rotortech 710's (changed to radix 690's), actro 32-3, hacker/jeti 77 esc, futaba 149dp rx. I have 2- TP 10s 8000's and a tp 10s 53000mah pack.

Raptor 50 V2

Has, os 50 hyper, hatori pipe, 3-9250's, 1 9252, Futaba GV-1 , Futaba GY-601 w/S9251, Futaba R319DPS Receiver. Has a upgrades like metal tail, kasama head, quick uk fan, metal collective, servo supports, quick uk swash, and larger tank.

EVO 50

Has, os 50 hyper, mp2, 4-JR 811's, Futaba GV-1 , Futaba GY-601 w/S9251, Futaba 5014 Receiver. SAB 600mm blades. Has a upgrades like metal rotor hub, head button, seesaw, washout.

SOLD Voyager E- Good bye and So long.

trex SE

The SE with HS 65mg servos, 401-9650 , stock motor and esc, radix blades, 146ip rx. I have a complete night setup for it as well. The ccpm is much better than the XL mech mixing. Nice flying bird and am amazed what this small chopper can do. As you can see I would rather have 1 trex SE than the 5 voyagers I had at one time, Thankfully I sold all of them.


Pictures will be up soon. Has a OS 91 FX, hatori pipe, 9206's, 401, 710 v-blades. The standard. Awesome looking helicopter, nothing like it. Weights 9.5 lbs fully loaded (minus fuel) which is lighter than my stratus and made 5 years before.

My Transmitters

These are my current transmitters. 6exa, skysport 6vh, 8uhfs , 9z wc2 , tq3, 8103 , 10x , 622, 3pjs. Got rid of all of them except the 3pj. I now only fly with the 14mz.

My extra engines

I have like 4-5 os 61 wc's , 2 ys 61's , 2 ys 80's 2 ys 90's, os 91, tt50, os 46 fx, 2 os 50 sxh, zdz80 , 3w 85, and a saito 130t. Sold most of them, but that was what I had at one time sitting around.

Some helicopters I don't have anymore

I bought all these helis used and didn't take any of my own pictures so I am using the pics that I got when I bought them.

Extreme flight Yak

Okay, we all make mistakes at times. Here I reversed ailerons and down it went. For fun I decided to repair it and get it flying again. It was like assembling a jigsaw puzzle glueing back on different parts and pieces until they fit together. After it was done, you can not tell it apart from the new one I ordered. It flew great and has been many years without an another accident. One of my favorites. It does it all.

GP Skybolt

No this is not the ARF version, but rather the kit. Thats right, I had to glue, shape and sand all the pieces together to form this beautiful airframe. No bondo or body putty was used which is key to a lightweight rigid structure. The covering is a plain white shell with metalic monokote that sparkles. To look nice and hold up better, aftermarket fiberglass cowl and wheel pants were purchased. This thing is also powered by a YS 120 pressurized engine giving this beast a power-to-weight ratio greater than 2:1. This thing is a showstopper in the air and on the ground. Just simply amazing.

Hanger 9 46% Ultimate

It has a da150, smoke mufflers, 32-10 prop ,8-8611a's, 1 9203, slimline smoke system(not installed) , futaba 149 dp, 2 - 4000 mah duralites, smart fly ignition and powerbox. I did finally get to fly it. Just have to convince yourself that its just another airplane.

These packs started as 7s 5300's. I did call Thunder power and told me they couldn't make them 5s packs, so I did it myself. It wasn't hard. I was able to do it and have a 4s 4300 left over. New 5s 5300's cost over 600$ and I couldn't even get 200$ for these packs since they were 2 years old already. I installed them on my ion and they so far run great. I did put red heat shrink over the cells, I wouldn't leave them like this.

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