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Welcome - My Raptor 30
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Jut got a heck of deal on this. Guy owed a friend of a friend money, and his loss is my gain.

My Current Helicopters

Actually, I have a couple others... I just need to take some more pictures.
My Pantera . Beside it sits my old Venture 30... still flies well.
A look at my planks and stuff. Yeah, I have planks too. Got them after I started flying choppers.

My early Helicopters

Kalt Baron 20, Schlueter Mini Boy, GMP Cricket, Kalt Enforcer in Long Ranger fuse with horrible paint, and my old Blade CP in an Airwolf fuse. The Cricket was my first helicopter, purchased with my 1989 tax refund. ;)
Shclueter Mini Boy, GMP Cricket, and Kalt Baron 20
My Beloved Cricket. This thing taught me to hover and setup helicopters
The old Kalt Enforcer in a badly painted fuse. I ruined it.

My Youtube Videos

This is me flying my Pantera in it's first flights last season. Nothing real exciting, but it's a fun helicopter to fly. I was trying to get my gyro adjusted right, and I still cannot get my governor to act as it should. It still wants to drop off at under 30% stick or so. Anybody know what I can do to fix that? It's the Aerospire MultiGov Pro. This is me flying my Blade 400 3D, totally stock. My poor wife was having a fun time trying to keep up with it, but she didn't keep quiet about it.... ;)

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