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 Article in BMFA magazine 

Andrew Johnstone aged 15 years of The Widnes Model Flying Club started flying radio controlled areoplanes at the age of 7 following in his dads footsteps and was doing very well until about 12 months ago when he was watching a helicopter doing loops and rolls that he had never seen before and thought to himself I would like to do that. With help from a flight simulator he started flying all the 3D moves and it wasnt long before he stated to do them for real with his own helicopter. After going to a few shows he realized that he wanted to go in for the competitions himself but needed his B certificate, but our club did not have any examiners, so Kevin our safety officer phoned Bury Model Club and Andrew was invited by Richard Budd to take the test at their club which of course Andrew passed. We would like to thank Bury Model Club and the Examiners Richard and Ian. Andrews ambition is to join the competition circuit in 2009 for the 3DX Clubman and we have several interested parties who wish to sponsor him. Andrew is also a cadet in 2359 (Woolton) Squadron Air Training Corps Liverpool and with them he has had the opportunity to fly Grob Tutor aeroplanes at RAF Woodvale.

 My Helicopters 

Trex 500ESP
Trex 450Pro
Trex 450 SE
Trex 700N

Trex 250
Raptor 30 V2
Raptor 50 SE
Trex 500 CF

Trex 600 NSP

 Raptor 50 SE 

Specs: OS 50Hyper, MP5 Pipe, Spartan Gyro, Bls 451 Cyclic, Bls 251 Tail, Throttle Jockey Pro Gov, NHP 600 Blades.

 Trex 450 SE 

Specs: Align 35Amp Esc, Scorpion HK-2221 V2, Gy401, S9257tail, HS65 HB Radix 325Blades.

 Trex 450Pro 

Specs: 430SP Brushless motor, Align 35Amp ESC, DS410M Cyclic, DS520 Tail, GP720 Gyro, Align 325Blades

 Trex 700N #1  

Specs: YS 91SR, Hatori Pipe, SL 720 Gyro, JR8717 Cyclic, JR8900G Tail,(8v Setup), MultiGov Pro, NHP 690Blades.

 Trex 700N #2 

Specs: Ys 91SR3C, Hatori pipe, JR8951 Cyclic( 8v Setup), JR8900G tail, SL720 Gyro, MultiGov Pro, NHP 690 Blades
 Raptor 50 V2 

Specs: OS 50Hyper, MP5 pipe, GY401, Hitec HS645MG Cyclic, DS9254 Tail,Align Gov, NHP Aggressor 600 Blades

 Trex 500ESP V~Bar 

Specs: Align 500L motor, Align 60Amp ESC, DS510 Cyclic, S9257 Tail, V~Bar V4, Align Blades

 Trex 500 CF  

Specs: Scorpion HK-3026, Align 60Amp ESC, Align DS510 Cyclic, Align DS520 Tail, Spartan Gyro, Radix 430Baldes

 Trex 600NSP  

Specs: JR8915s Cyclic 8v setup, SL720 Gyro, BLS 251, OS 50Hper, Align Pipe, NHP Aggressor 600 Blades , MultiGov Pro

 Trex 250  

Specs: Align 250BL Motor, Align 15Amp ESC, Align DS410 Cyclic, S3157 Tail, 401 Gyro, Align 205 Carbon Baldes

 Other little helis 

Blade MCX

Twister Chinook, Hirobo Lama XRB

 Other Pictures  

hellynelly with my 700 and Certificate, the only way hell get a B.
Me and Gary formation flying

My growing Align family
...And again

The Align wall
Pailey's (true) Theory
Cap signed by Danny and Markus at this year's Masters
The hat collection

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