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eSky Belt CP

This is my eSky Belt CP. It was my first helicopter and has been a great learning helicopter. The electronics that come with the stock setup are not the best. They do get me by though. I plan to do some upgrades over the winter of '08: upgrade of servos, better ESC, AR6200 receiver

After learning to hover I decided to take a step forward and remove the training gear. I attached the skids that came with my Pantera 50 for about 1 month to ease into using the Belt CP's small skids.

Having the Pantera 50 skids allow me the option of flying off of the snow for this winter season

Close-up pictures of the Belt CP

Audacity Pantera 50

My first Nitro Helicopter. It is huge next to my Belt CP. It is not complete yet, but should be completed over the winter. I just need to complete the electronics setup and paint the canopy.

Current setup:

O.S. Max .50 Hyper engine
Revolution muffler
Hitec 6635HB servos for cyclic and throttle
GY401 Gyro w/9254 servo
AR7100 Receiver
Align regulator RCE-B6X
Outrage XPRX 2S2P 7.4V 3600mAH receiver battery
600mm Composite blades
Tuff Strut landing gear

Governor: None installed yet, but I am planning on using a Aerospire MultiGov Pro

600mm composite blades

Stock gear vs Tuff Strut gear

Scale Pictures

RC Scale Eurocopter AS 350 Ecureuil/AStar

My Helicopters: Pantera 50 & Belt CP

My helicopter wish list
MSH Protos

Align Trex 500

Outrage 550

Workshop Pictures

Flying Fields

My front yard and flying field for my Belt CP

Panoramic image of
my front yard

Concord Skyhawks Flying Field in Concord, NH

Concord Skyhawks Flying Field For G3

Concord Skyhawks Field

Misc Pictures
- Justin Chi -
No 3D flying with this helicopter

Homemade Swashplate Level

Flybar level

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