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my fury
fury extreme

mesquite hillclimb "the big bitch"
"the hog"
me and ben on the hog

layne contemplating this hillclimb in mesquite
my 2000 cr500
the service honda cr500 i built
service honda cr500, cr500, ducati 748

service honda cr500 my baby
my baby
my baby
the 748 wow what a ride

my baby
the 500, my beemer, the ducati
pheonix arizona funfly, ben storick, bens dad, tim jones, jason krause
our funfly jesse contreras, squeeky

wow what a 'bird'
arizona funfly talking to jason krause, ben storick, tim jones, ray nemovi
my flbarless 700, my 'biotch' in the background
my flybarless 700 last summer

my home last summer

my trex 600 summer 2008
april fools funfly st george trex 600 in auto contest popped one link fixed in 2 mins then flew last 2 attempts
flybarless 700, fury extreme
me flying a katana da 20 over utah county spring 2009

da 20 here we go
lego stephen hawking
ben and my raptor 50

john flying his evo .. i think
first wreck i witnessed, jon with jims 600e
jon with his raptor 50
jims 600e..was

jons evo and fm tx
my 600 nitro when i lost a cyclic servo .. phew
yes i had to dig the 600 nitro out of the neighbours yard

arizona funfly, me n ryan collins
todd kerby airbrushed canopy for 700 taken from my 600 canopy design that i loved
before excavation

the wife insisted i leave it for a photo shoot
trex 600 2008
fury extreme 2008 april fools funfly st george
fury april fools funfly 2008

trex 600 2008
trex 600 2008
trex 600 early 2008
trex 600 2008 tic toc

snow bank.....
fury 2009 back flip
fury 2009 the wall
easton and a doughnut our funfly 2009

fury 2009 circuits
fury 2009 circuits
fury 2009 nose in 'brief'
me n phil peterson 2008

fury 2009
fury 2009 circuit
fury 2009 loop
fury 2009 circuit

trex 600 2008
trex 600 2008
trex 600 2008
fury 2009 forward flight

trex 600 2008
trex 600 2008
trex 600 2008
me n trex 600

trex 600 2008
our funfly 2008 trex 600, ryan collins, jon, me
our funfly 2008 trex 600
me, jon, jonothan, fury extreme

todd kerby airbrushed bulldog canopy for trex 600
me after jon wrecked my 600
flying the trex 600 inside .. tequila... !

trex 600 2008 'done flying'
flybarless 700
flybarless 700
trex 600 2008 learnin

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