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My Helis:
Blade mcpX
  • Xtreme Canopy
  • Microheli 105mm Blades
  • E-flite Tail Rotor
  • Xtreme Carbon Fiber Tail Fin
  • Blade FAI Langing Gear
Carry Case
Hovering Inverted

Blade 130X
  • Blue/White Option Canopy
  • Lynx Glow in the Dark Main and Tail Blade Combo
  • Xtreme Productions Aluminum Canopy Mounts (Silver)
  • RKH Metal Tail Slider (Red)
  • RKH Metal Tail Grips (Red)
  • Carbon Tail Fin

Previous Helis:
Raptor 50V2
  • OS50
  • Mavrikk Pipe
  • Futaba 9252s Aileron and Elevator
  • Futaba 9253s Throttle and Rudder
  • Futaba 9350 Collective
  • Throttle Jockey Pro w/Optical Sensor
  • Futaba GY-401 Gyro
  • Futaba R149DP 9 Channel RX
  • Thunder Tiger 600 Carbon Blades
  • My Custom Painted Canopy

Freya X-Spec
T-Rex 450
Blace CX2

Blade CX2
Blade CX2 Fuse Mod
Use 5amp mini fuses. Unsolder red wire from motor. Bend prong of fuse and solder fuse to where the red wire was soldered. Then solder the red wire to the other prong of the fuse. Repeat for the other motor.

Canopy Painting


  • 1) Prep Canopy- Sand with 220 grit sandpaper, Wash canopy with detergent very well, Rinse very well, & Wipe with alcohol.

  • 2) Apply a couple light coats of KrylonŽ White Primer, After primer dries lightly sand. *Fiberglass Canopies Only

  • 3) Spray several light coats of KrylonŽ Gloss White Fusion.

  • 4) (For a checker pattern) Allow to dry for approximately 20 hours (NOT MORE THAT 24 HOURS!), Tape off top and bottom portions as well as any white squares and spray with KrylonŽ Gloss Black Fusion, Allow to dry for 20-24 hours. (I used normal masking tape and achieved decent edges, but not perfect)

  • 5) Tape off bottom portion, Airbrush several light coats of Faskolor Fasflourescent Yellow and let dry (takes a couple hours), Tape off top portion and airbrush several light coats of Faskolor Fasflourescent Orange and let dry. *For a fade disregard taping.

  • 6) Allow KrylonŽ Fusion to dry 7 FULL DAYS! (It will dry beneath the Faskolor paints)

  • 7a) Option 1: Apply several light coats of Top Flite LustreKote Clear and let dry for 24 hours. (Fuelproof up to 15% nitro, per Lusterkote directions)

  • 7b) Option 2: Use an automotive clear (available in a spray can) to fuelproof for ALL NITRO PERCENTAGES.

  • Steps 1-3
    Step 4
    Step 5
    Step 6

    Step 7
    Left Side
    Right Side
    V2 canopy

    Undoubtedly there are better paints and methods, but hopefully this serves as a useful outline for those seeking a simple method of painting their helis. I have used this procedure to paint both "milkjug" canopies and fiberglass canopies.

    Current Models
    e-flite Ultimate
    (Scratchbuilt) Regal

    Model Tech Magic 3D

    Past Models
    Tower Hobbies Kaos
    Tower Hobbies Uproar
    Great Planes Ultimate

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