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Goin for a flight
Cool shot taken by my brother of my 600NP

Inverted approach with the TRex
I love the adrenaline you get from this stuff..

screwin around
just a hover

Some IMAC photos
Me, my buds Guillaume and Kevin at an IMAC Contest, 2007
My 42% Extra 260, DA150
feel the love...!
My old Carden 40% 330. sold now, but still going strong.

my fav time of day for huckin...
My IMAC contest in Chatham, Ontario, about 40 pilots this year
smoke on
fightercombat scheme

knife edge pass w smoke
harrier pass w smoke
foggy day...

My Scale flying
My Dad, his Mosquito- he designed and built over 20 years, 9' wing and twin G26's
Dad and I with his 9' scratch built Mosquito fighter
the best shot of the Mossie on a flyby
high speed pass...

photo pass with the Mossie
Take off run, notice all the right rudder
flyover, part of the left lower nacelle coming loose.

landing approach at Kitchener
D-day markings show
100" Boomerang, built by my pal Charlie M (80yrs)- I flew to 2nd at TopGun 2006
Dad's Mosquito dropping fuel tanks...

landing the Mosquito at the Canadian Scale Nats

My Car photos (work...)
Winning Pebble Beach 2004, 1938 Horch 853A Erdmann & Rossi Cabriolet
the Horch at Pebble
1939 T57C Bugatti we restored, showing at Villa d'Este, Italy, best of show Saturday
just arrived in Cernobbio, Italy

showing in the gardens in Cernobbio
Bugatti winning best of show, press all over
31 Daimler at Pebble Beach after winning
23" wheels, custom made tires

top up
mean front view, super low hood line
long low roadster, V12 sleeve valve engine
wildest car we ever restored

black with green leather interior
on the golf course, the Lodge at Pebble Beach
A pic of the dash I built in the Daimler

My beloved '69 Fender P-Bass
lazy dog.
mean dog.
thirsty dog.

cold dog.

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