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August 11 2013
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Synergy E7

Power Info

Old Power Supply Case (Fall 2010)
24 volt 1150 watt supply. Two HP DPS-600PB supplies in series in a Harbor Frieght case
Power Factor (60 idle / 99 fully loaded)

The ground was removed from the second supply on the AC side. A neon bulb as added between the cases as a warning light that second case is hot. This was done before it was widely known how to disconnect the DC ground, which is how I assemebled the second supply.
75 amp Anderson Power Poles are used for the 24v high current side. 4mm bullets are used for the 12v side. The 75a APPs are overkill for this application. I've tested the APP 45s up to 47 amps and they work great. I'll be using them on my 3rd case. I've completely given up 4mm bullets for anything over 20 amps.
8 awg wire is used between the supplies and the connectors. Thats larger than required, but its helpful as the massive wire increases the power capabilities of the 4mm bullets by acting as a big heat sink. I've tested these bullets up to 47 amps and there is minimal heating.

FMA Powerlab 8
Expansion mode control box using Radio Shack project box. The mounting uses the unused expansion mode mounting holes on the right.
Switches are simple single pole, single throw from RS.
A port for the CCS connection was added using a modified Ernst external charge port.
Cable covered and secured to the back of the seconardy unit. The units can still be physically seperated by disconnecting the servo plug at primary unit.

Inside the box. Silicone glue was used to secure the switches because mounting rings included with switches too large to fit in the box. I could have used a smaller profile switch, but really like the look and operation of these rocker switches.


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