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Mating season has began ...
Unusualy high helicopter density, (for this field)

September 10 2013

New toy
Flying Eolo FPV

Promoting Eolo to AP
Test shot from Eolo

X-Cell Gas modified for FPV flight

Putting her through the course
view from my gasser, video-downlink

My prototype of artificial attitude display

Medfield RC field from 3000 ft
Sony camera on H9 Taylorcraft
X-cell thing.
Early prototype of the generator

Switched to AXI brushless motor
Eco with Li-Ion batteries
45min flight time.
For sale

Portable AP/FPV setup with tracking antenna and Eolo heli.
Magnetic compass, IR senor combo for cheap position hold
Gyro stabilized 3-axis gimbal prototype

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