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Floop T-rex 500E Night SocAir 07-14-09
Floop T-rex 700N HeliFun 05-16-09
KopterKat T-rex 700N HeliFun 05-16-09
Floop T-rex 700N LakeLand 03-14-09
Floop T-rex 500E Socair 01-04-09
Floop T-rex 700N Socair 10-12-08
Jackson JetCopter Gathering 09-07-08
Floop 600N Gathering 09-07-08
Derby Gathering 09-07-08
Floop 600N HOD 07-25-08
Floop Night Slow Stick 06-19-08
    T-Rex 700N

  • Align 91H with Hatori SB-20FH v2 pipe
  • Radix 710 regular with 3g head
  • V-Bar v4.0 with BLS-251 tail
  • 3 x 8917's on 8 volts
  • Kiwi regulator wiht Turnigy lipo
  • MultigovPro with BLS-451

    T-REX 500E SOLD

  • Scorpion 1400, Castle ICE 75 ESC
  • Mavrikk G5 Pro blades
  • All metal with torque tube
  • Futaba 9650 with MKS gears on Cyclic
  • Spartan DS760, Futaba 9257
  • Align metal tail, CY tail blades
  • Spektrum DX7, AR6200, Turnigy Lipos

    T-REX 600N SOLD

    Electronics moved to 700N and Heli was traded for the 500E. The heli served me well I am sorry to see it go.

600N SocAir 07-12-08
AR7100, Multigov Pro
Mixture servo mount
New Canopy L 06-01-08

New Canopy R 06-01-08
Floop inverted at Hurlock
600N SocAir 03-01-08
600N inverted 03-02-08

600N 03-02-08
600N invert 03-02-08
600N Socair 02-24-08
600N SocAir 12-07

600N First hover 11-07
600N BackYard 01-08
600N New Orange Skids

HeliFun 2009

The Gathering #6 Sept 2008

Heli's over Delaware - July 2008

Floop's Pictures
Sat Line up

Low Sat Line up
Group shot 07-12-08
House 700N
House 700N

House 700N
Dr. Jackson getting ready Hurlock MD
Harry and QuickSilver confused
QuickSilver working out at Hurlock MD FF

After: Heli holder
HELP! I can't stop ordering
Before: Heli holder
Guess who? 03-04-08

Ed 600N Socair 03-01-08
Ed S 600N Socair 03-01-08
Ed Raptor 50 02-24-08
Ed Raptor 50 02-24-08

Ed snow 02-24-08
600E Birthday head
600E Oct-07 New Lid
600E Birthday_1

600E Birthday
600E Box
600E bakes in Sun
600E New Lid

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