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Jet Ranger (X-Cell Pro) Build
Exhaust Detail 1
Exhaust Detail 2
Head Pin 1
Head Pin 2

Frame Mods RHS
Frame Mods LHS
Test Flight 1
Test Flight 2

Main Colours 1
Main Colours 2
Pre-Flight 1
Pre-Flight 2

Pre-Flight 3
Test Flight 1
Test Flight 2

XTR Sim Shots

Vario Airwolf / Sky Fox Mech's
Verticle Wing Tip Mod
Dry Fit
Mech's Ready for Fitting
Exhaust Plumbing 1

Exhaust Outlets
Exhaust 1
Exhaust 2
Test Flight Ready 1

Test Flight Ready 2
Starter Mod
Transport Base Plate
Storage Box Mod

Stand 1
Stand 2
Stand 3
Wolf on Stand

R44 Flying Lesson :o)
Metro Radios R44
The Crew
The Pilot!
Newcastle thats Upon Tyne

Vario Alouette II Gassser Build
Quick setup to test engine
Carb Choke Mod
Ignition Shield
Field Static

Tick Over 1
Tick Over 2
Painting the Turbine
An old PC cooling fan :)

Plumbing and Supports
Fitted to Heli 1
Fitted to Heli 2
Test Flights

Cockpit Build1
Cockpit Build 2

Cockpit Build 3
Cockpit Build 4
White base coat on and detail masked up
All wrapped up waiting for the next coat

Other Heli's / Stuff
Kalt Baron 30 4 Stroker
Enya 52 Lump
Heli 'N Dog. Misty Sunrise Queen, Golden Retriever.
Safety Switch

Christmas Misty

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