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Prôtos Max v2
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Completed Nov 28, 2015.
My own custom soft mount for the YGE ESC.

Under the canopy.

Ecalc Headroom Calculator
Find your pinion, and find a true 25% motor RPM headroom and correct gear ratio.

I would love your feedback! I created it myself.

2011-2014 700E

Specifications & Videos: * Trex700E *

2014 700E

Weighing on a mailing scale
11.4 lbs ready to fly.
Minor discrepency
7.8 lbs no batts
3.2 oz

21T gear with 1900 RPM head speed after a nasty tail wag. This was supposed to be a super tough gear.

The rebuild of 2011

1800RPM head speed, 11T Pinion, 20% motor headroom. It is interesting how well it still does.
17 degrees of pitch, baby.

Trip to IRCHA 2012 Gallery!

My trip to IRCHA 2012. The first time I ever went. What an amazing time.
A new Vbar for 2013

After 4 years of excellent flying experiences with my "black" Vbar, a solder-joint problem forced me to send it to Germany for repair. After diagnosis, I decided to get a new SilverLine Vbar. Perhaps 2013 will be an even more fun year of flying with the best sensor and flybarless unit on Earth. :)

I had my black vbar since version 3.x, and upgraded to 4.x and to 5.x, and utilized the gov feature. The journey to learn the software versions along the way was so much fun feeling the helicopter execute my every command better than ever, let alone envisioning the algorithms [Ulrich made]. Truly Vbar has accelerated my progress throughout my self-taught experience and has increased confidence like none other.

Cheers, Mikado!

2007 DrScoles. My favorite picture of the N9 in Seattle with Mt Rainier.
2012 Othello Fun Fly
This is all the mass needed to counter 115mm tail blade forces. aka: Chinese Weight Mod

Vbar 5.3 Settings

2011 Snohomish Fun Fly
Not mine.
Not mine.
THIS is mine!
I've since re-routed the wires inside the frame.

Brooks @ Snohomish June 2011
Thanks to Chakotay for the pictures!

New ESC Installed

1900RPM headspeed yields better results in headroom & efficiency. This video sounds very different compared to the leaf blower video. Changes include Vbar Gov, 13T pinion, and Turnigy K-Force HV120 ESC. Flight time is the same (up to 6 minutes).
3G Head

I decided to go with the Align 3G head since parts are more readily available, and since the arms are further out from center for better resolution. With this head and using inner holes on the levers and servo horns I am within the Vbar's sweet spot parameters within the software.
Update: This head flys great and actually autos better with noticeable hang time. And the arms are just the right distance from center such that I didn't have to change my Vbar swash settings at all for the 8* cyclic and 13.5* collective pitch. It simply flys really really well with Vbar 5.1.

Notes on the 3G head parts.
700E pics
Frick'n cold!

ParkZone Extra 300
Futaba 8FG Super with 14 channels!
713mm & 115 strike!
105mm vs 115mm

Old Spectrum, New Futaba.
Heli on my desk at work.
My first heli ever, 2007.

Plano 1404 case
At the field.

Gear Busted
Got RevCo?

This happened in the air with a stock Align 12T M1 pinion on a NEU 1915 1.5Y surging 7HP on a Trex700E.


Snohomish 2010

This is my friend who had the misfortune of loosing it in the evil weeds of Snohomish.


Electric vs Nitro discussions 2011

When talking about electrics we must compare with all these details combined:

1) Same size class of helicopter (90 vs 90, or 600 vs 600)
2) Comparing the nitro version with a high voltage battery supply (10s or 12s) electric version.
3) Using today's technology batteries (G3 and above). i.e. 6C charge rate or higher, and using a higher quality battery such as ThunderPower, Hyperion, etc.
4) Proper gear ratio and headspeed RPM on the electric.
5) Did I mention a high voltage setup? Particularly a 12S.

Any less than that there isn't much of a valid comparison. These points above are where the electric pilots are getting their facts and figures from.

Don't have a 600 or 700 heli? You may be out of luck unless you can create a comparable high-voltage setup. Otherwise don't expect much out of the little electrics.

Fuel Cost Comparisons - what are you willing to pay?

When will you start to enjoy flying rather than fussing with hardware?
The Former Work Bench 2007

Spektrum DX7 w/Trainer Switch Mod 2007

Begin Include Unscripted
March 15 2016

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