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January 24 2016
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My Files

01 - Airport___Club_Agreement.pdf 280k CLIP

02 - Moore_FAA_1.13.16_Response_Letter_to_DB.pdf 104k CLIP

03 - Turbulence_D3.pdf 3mb CLIP
My New Uploads

YS 50, 2 gallons of New Magnum 30%

Weekend Farm Flying in the Backyard

tnbulldog's SDX with OS55
tnbulldog's T700 inverted
tnbulldog's SDX inverted

tnbulldog's SDX playing around on the deck

Recent Photos
tnbulldog's new T700 waiting the first flight
tnbulldog's new T700 piro flipping
tnbulldog's new T700 iin the air

Atom Smasher
Doing the Neutron Dance

January 05 2014

November 30 2013

November 16 2013

September 01 2013

Rifle and Pistol Range

Dirty tnbulldog

Photos and other Cool Stuff
Fuel Depot-Getting ready for the coming season.
30% is cheaper by the drum
2 more drums are on the way

The "Jolly Roger" Aerodrome

Airtronics 1000H-Miscellaneous Radio Items

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