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IRCHA 2008

My Freya 90's

My pair of Hirobo Freya Evo 90's. These are both set up with the same equipment. YS 91, Hatori, JR 921 rx Powered by Relion 5200's and Arizona Regulators. JR DS 8311's with Spartan ds760 gyro's with JR 8900G servos. Throtle Jockey Revmax. Radix main and tail. #1 has 690mm with 105mm on the tail. #2 has 710mm with 95mm on the tail. 95mm VPaddles, and new auto hubs. Canopies painted by Scott at Ace Heli's.

My Hirobo EVO 50

Hirobo Evolution 50 Nirto. OS .50 Hyper engine, Hatori SB 50HP pipe, JR X9303 radio with a 921 rx powered by a Relion 2600 and an Arizona Regulator. Futaba 401 gyro w/9254 servo. Futaba 9252 servos on aileron, elevator, and collective. Futaba 3151 for thorttle with a Throttle Jockey Revmax. I am running Mah carbon 600mm for the main and Mah 92mm for the tail. I have 80mm VPaddles on the flybar, CarbonXtreme fins and Mavrikk supergear skids. I upgraded the radius block to the metal one and just added the Delrin main gear and 17t tail.

The Three Amegos

May 13 2007 south field

I thought this was intersting as TheBigE has a planker out!

May 19 2007 Club picnic at south field

The local club gathered at the south filed (used primarily for heli and sailplanes) for the company picnic. Dave, the owner of the field gave rides to members and family in a full scale. It was very nice of him. Thanks Dave!

May 20 2007 A few friends

TheBigE invited a few of his friends from surrounding area's to stop in Lafayette for a little gathering. There was some really good flying going on that day. One heli had the tail boom turn 90 degrees in the mount. It twisted about 20 feet off the ground. Needless to say that one that didn't make it home in one piece.

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