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November 11 2015
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September 26 2015

Beautiful MD 500 E heli I built for Eric Myers

Delivery of this beautiful Hughes MD 500E to Eric Myers
May 09 2015

May 08 2015

My 5 LB...F-15 EDF

Another view
F-15 EDF..she's fast!!
My number one FAI bird
She's resting on the

July 12 2014
July 02 2014

Table Of Contents

After the race (125+ miles)...dying...LOL
Start of Race on the Asault on Mount Mitchell
77 miles in to the race/best friend at "SAG" station
HC's first and last Hawk...not kidding!!

My First invert at Heli Internationals!
Early sponsored ships
White Powder
Early sponsored birds

Couple of my early birds
60 hours in one is I-90 outside of Albany
First scale, almost like the one I flew in Viet Nam
Old school days at Clemson...I'm bottom center

Morning of the Race
Pit Stop!!
My first ducted fan...really FAST!!!!
Just 50 miles left to go to the top of Mt. Mitchell to have starved there (meat and potatoes for me...not snales..LOL)
Kalt/Airtronics sponsored ship.
Tempest FAI-F3C

Another Tempest view
FAI-F3C front view
This is my number one FAI-F3C bird
X-Cell fifty graphite

Pasted out!!!
Sampson at 7 weeks
Me with my six toed cat...Merlin

Another Tempest
First, Stratus

My first Stratus
my first Stratus
One of my trap sets (practice set)
Smoke and Snow (7 weeks)

What can I say...I like playing drums (47 Years worth)
My trusty X-Cell SE
A-10, Warthog

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