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Spare time gone wrong

Here is a picture of another project....What was I thinking?!?!? I was sifting through old pics and came across this one... it's good for a laugh. It was not the best of ideas. I decided that I needed more forward speed, so I bolted this mess together. I started with a Schluter Junior 50. Shoehorned in a Rossi 65. This was a big engine at the time. Added a Hughes 500E fuselage. Then strapped a ducted fan unit on the side! Not such a good idea. It was a Kress 25 sized fan unit with K&B 21 with nitro pipe. Well it did fly fast, but was really hard to fly, especially with the DF engine running ( kidding). I'm sorry that I don't have video of this mess in the air. It seems noone was willing to stick around and risk watching. It's been sold.

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