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My current heli Fleet
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Freya EX my third Heli
Now with new gear
Freya EX carbon frames
EX with new Aavant head

EX with new OS91SZH
Bergen Intrepid gas

Hyper Raptor 50V2
All together

Arial Photography

First photography atempts

Seconed phogoraphy atempts

3rd phogoraphy atempts

1st Photography using my new Intrepid gas

New Arial Photos using Canon A620

My Photos
Flying lownmower (Israel funfly)
Butifull and big scale heli (Israel funfly)
Israeli Phantom jet model (Israel funfly)

Inverted - Freya 90
Inverted with the Freya 90
Freya 90 my seconed Heli

Freya 90
Caliber 30 my first Heli
Caliber 30 eccpm mechanics
My sweet cats :)

Items for Sale!
TSK MyStar46 for sale 200$US
TSK with OS46FXH

Items Soled/Traded!
FS:Maxi-Joker+blads+motor+2 batteris for 1200$
Maxi-Joker FMS rotor had
actor 24-5 motor + shultz 32.55k controller + fan on Maxi-Joker
Fixed carbon landing gear on Maxi-Joker.

2 x 30cell 3000mAh NiMh batteris for Joker
Schultze 6-330d fast charger
Acrobat disasembled afte light crush, broken parts are left out (main blads, tail boom) for 550$
Acrobat uper frames + had left side

Acrobat uper frames + had right side
Acrobat fiberglass conopy right side
Acrobat lower frames left side + zimmerman OS pipe used for 70$
Acrobat lower frames right side

Acrobat tail gear asembly + tail blads + tail belt
Acrobat special zimmerman YS pipe NIB 90$
OS61 SXH 60B carb (8mm shaft) 70$

OS91 SXH 60L carb (low run time) 120$
Vigor CS
Vigor CS

Zimmerman pipe for OS91 70$

Minicopter Helis in Israel
Me and my Acrobat90
First hover with the Maxi-Joker
Acrobat Inverted

Minicopter twins Acrobat and Maxi-Joker
Acrobat mechanics
Maxi-Joker mechnics - all carbon fiber

Electric VS Nitro
Minicopter Acrobat in Israel
Acrobat 90

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