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November 17 2018
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November 23 2017

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XFC 2009

IRCHA 2008

SOLD October 08- Raptor 90SE

My First Heli - Raptor 30V2 April '03

My New Hirobo Sceadu Evo 50 January '04

Coming down from an inverted auto.
Making my way through a roll.
Going upside down!

Lower Lower!!

Now I have twins........(Update 9/1/05.....SOLD)

The new Hirobo Evo 90 (11/1/05)

The new Evo 90 in G3.....thanks airworks!

Northville, MI Heli FF Great flying, good friends and a can you beat that? 05/20/05-05/22/05
Brian Bennett and his piro looping Sceadu.
Big Dave and Jared (anythingrc) delighted to be posing for the camera.
Chris (hiroboflyer) demonstrating what a main shaft should NOT look like.
My buddy Dave Delong (gyro) and his Evo 50.

A pic of one half of the flight line.
Some of the gang hanging out under the shade.
Would you trust these guys to make you a hot dog even if it was free?
Jim Stark and Pete Niotis discussing the finer points of wowing the crowd.

Kevin (K&B) getting his Raptor set up for another flight.
Mike (ledfoot) showing off his new R90SE.
One of Malorie's beautiful Bergins. It looked even better in flight.
Another beautiful canopy done up by Malorie.

Would somebody please let Pete know I'm not doing a photoshoot for GQ?
Some of our gracious hosts. Thanks for everything guys!
Chris (sluggo) discussing the Raptor with another FF pilot.
Jim "J-Rock" Stark and his sweet looking Stratus.

J-Rock getting ready to put on another impressing show of flying skills.

A heli gathering in Cincinnati, OH 05/07/05..........what a blast.
The flying site.
Mike Trueblood's Fury at rest.
Tim's Fury
Another nice looking Fury.

Chris Bissel's (cmbheli) Evo looking sharp.
Jared's (anythingrc) Evo sans canopy. Nice clean wiring job.
Jared with his Evo.
Scene from the pits.

More action from the pits.
The pits........need I say more?
My Evo's.
Another shot of my Evo's.

Winter flying at the end of 2004 has begun.
Zach Spark's TX Mitt........the only way to fly.

My Hirobo Freya 70 SOLD - May 04

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