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The Raptor 50 V2

12 MPH Winds at El Toro
Flippin' the Rappy

My Hawk Sport - SOLD
Just learning
Custom Gyro Plate
The Fleet

RealFlight G2 Render of my Hawk
Another RealFlight Render

Quick EP 10
Custom Gyro Plate
Custom Receiver & ESC trays
Custom ESC tray w/ fan mount
Shown with small CPU fan

My Field box
The Blue Box
Cermark LCD Power Panel Plus

Planks - Trabuco Flyers Field
G2 Rendering of my RightFlyer 40T
R.I.P. - Suffered a mid-air Collision
Erik's Rascal
The Rascal on approach

For Sale



My Files  5k Radio config - Excel  769k Hawk Sport G2 Skin (req. add on 4)

Phoenix-80_User_Guide.pdf  228k

QEP10ExplodedView.pdf  3mb

QEP10Instructions.pdf  1.3mb

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