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Paul Susbauer's Gallery
    Spokane Hirobo Nuts, Two are mine

    Hirobo Freya Evo 90

  • OS 91SZ-Hyper
  • Muscle Pipe II
  • Futaba 611 with 9256 rudder servo
  • Futaba S9252 on ali & pitch (91.6oz @ .14 @4.8V)
  • Airtronics 94358Z on coll. (200oz@ .13 @ 4.8V)
  • Futaba S9252 throttle (91.6oz @ .14 @4.8V)
  • Futaba GV-1 governor
  • Radix 690mm main's

Teardown for bearing replacement

    Hirobo Lepton EX

  • Kontronic Kora 15-14
  • Maxamps 4S 4000 20C
  • Futaba 401 w/ 9254
  • Airtronics 94761Z on Cylic
  • Castle Creations Phoenix 80
  • MAH 425 blades

    Synergy N9

  • YS 91SR
  • Hatori SB19
  • Airtronics 94358Z on Cyclic. (200oz@ .13 @ 4.8V)
  • Futaba 611 with 9256 rudder servo
  • Futaba S9252 throttle (91.6oz @ .14 @4.8V)
  • Futaba GV-1 governor
  • Fromeco Arizona Regulator w/ 5200 Re-lions
  • Rotortech 710 main's
Mr70SS checks my tracking
First hop
Mr70SS (L) and me
Synergy Vs Evo 90

Synergy Before Electronics
Breaking in the YS in the street

    T-rex 500

  • Align RCM500BL
  • Futaba 611 with 9256 rudder servo
  • Futaba S9252 on cyclic(27.76 oz-in .08 sec/60 at 4.8V)
  • Castle CC BEC
  • MAH 425mm main's
Maxamps 5S 4000
Receiver and Gyro Mounted
Motor and 2nd RX mount

Just like the 600 head
Lepton Vs T-rex 500

Tail Slide

Forward Flip

    Random Heli Stuff
Sweet Paint Job!
Fury Extreme vs. Dual motor 600E
Marcus Vs. Dual motor 600E
WolfCBR loads his 10S 600 with batteries

Before Radio Glitch
After Radio Glitch
Les U. with his new R90SE

First Lil 3Der, back when I had hair
Jcadwell, me, some helis, and planks

    Airplanes of the past and present
Scratchbuilt Eindecker
Meridian 400
Pietenpol Aircamper, own design
Zipper 010, own design

Lil' 3Der, own design
Stevens Aeromodel Cap 40E

    '01 Honda CR 250
Unloading from the Truck
Proud New Owner

    2008 Kawasaki KLR 650

    Other Stuff
A little snowboarding
My buddy Lamby and I
In action

    Stuff For Sale

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