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Alan Szabo Jr's Collection of Helicopter Pictures
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Opening Ceremony, Las Vegas funfly 2002
Student and Instructor. Who's who?

Alan Szabo Jr's first Photos of flying

Here are a few pictures when I had a twinkle in my eye for helicopters, as you can see at the tender age of 2 I had it in my blood already. In the 3rd picture is Dave Botita. He is the guy that offered to go thru the set up of my first helicopter and spend the time to teach me the correct way. I thank Dave and all others that started me in the right direction. There is one person that never gets the recognition that is needed and that is the owner of POWERMASTER FUELS. Thats him 2nd picture top row. Mr.Wendell Hamond has given me the opportunity to fly gallon after gallon of fuel, which is the single most reason I am at the level I am today. Thank you Wendell and Shirley.
Alan age 2 first heli
Alan at 3, first flight
The man that taught me to fly, Dave Botita
All alone on day 1

Alan Szabo Jr. Flying a small electric up to the Mercury 60
Baron 30
Mercury M (46)
Mercury 60

Alan's Little Brother Danny. He's 12, oops he just turned 13 in January.

This is my little brother Danny. He started to learn to hover at the age of 10. He is really getting pretty good now. He is trying to learn to kaos now, and in the far right picture, he was doing it only because the tail rotor shaft sheared. Now he has to start all over because that one is toast.
only 11 in this pic
Now Im 12
Jason Krause Shadow
Opps, anybody seen my hold switch? See what 13 will do.

Danny with his 2 Raptor 60's
Danny 2nd place Class 1 2002 Nats
Danny's new canopy from Arizona Helis
Raptor 90, Muscle Pipe and new canopy

Close up of new canopy
Getting ready for the 2003 Nationals.
2nd Place Class II 2003 Nationals.

Alan's Century Bell 222

This is a couple pictures of my Bell 222. Fuselage is a Funkey (Century) with HPI / Zues Mechanics. Radio is Airtronics Stylus. OS 61WC. Fun to fly, and I love to play with the retracts.
1st one was green
You know the saying about green
Now its Blue
No bad sayings about blue!!!

2nd Place Scale 2002 Nats

Some odds and ends I didn"t know where to put.
Alan and his Mom
Las Vegas first funfly, night gathering
Flying with Metro Police
Baron 30 on Floats, Lake Havasu

San Diego 2000, Palamar Field
Nats 2001 Muncie IN. Flying site
Playing at School yard
More Playing at School yard

Jason & Alan with Vectron
Guniess record attempt in Reno for most inverted Helis.
Alan Jr., Alan Sr. Danny
Giving a real pilot hands on traning

Alan at 12 yr's old with Whisper indoors.
Anyone seen my girlfriend.
Honest Mr. Youngblood, I didnt mean to overfly your zone.

Thunder Tiger Raptor 60 Photos.

Putting our Raptor 60's together
Raptor 60's used in 3D Extreme
3D Extreme Troy Ohio June 23rd 2002
1st Place Class III 2002 Nats

Curtis travel cases with both Raptors 60's
Arriving at IRCHA 2002
Mowing the grass
TT90 with Curtis MP II

Curtis MP II
New canopy from Arizona Heli
waiting for demo for TOC 2002
seconds before blade scuff at TOC

2nd place in San Diego 3D Glory
San Diego Funfly 2002
Having a bad day. But we all learn from our mistakes
Canopies painted by Arizona Helis

Imperio test flight New Years Day 2003
getting ready for the Las Vegas Funfly 2003.

Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 Ver 2 Photos.

Putting new ver 2 together
Side View of Canopy
Just about ready to fly
New style Blade grip

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