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July 08 2015
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February 10 2014

DJI F550

Broken Scorpion Shaft

August 20 2013


'05 Titan

Tail rotor from X50

The Rexs

GWS Formosa1 w/ 480 1600kv brushless/50amp esc
Full length elevator
Full length aileron with carbon reinforced flap
Room for 2200 3S packs

1/8" plywood/G10 reinforced battery tray

First flights
My first Hover
Dwayne's (monkeyhand) first hover

Before Helis
Fast Savage
NTC3 Saleen S7R
NTC3 Benz

The family
The love of my life, (and not because she bought most of my helis)

Align 430 XL disassembled

Other Random shots
Older Hyper machined rod on the right, and newer cast rod on the left
Thumbscrew mod
3mm thumbscrew with silicone washer
Matt, Dave, Rich and I

Daisy after swimming in the pool all day
The 30 trimming the field
Nice fleet, unfortunately only 1 of them is mine

Dave getting ready to rip up the flats

Fred's 450 crash and burn
70's era RC boat, original SuperTiger .56 engine Still running strong

Better get a hold on that termite problem

Begin Include Unscripted
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January 21 2008

April 23 2007

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