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My heli isn't finished yet, but here are a few photos of it nearing completion. After these photos were taken, dad tested the servos one by one to set the ATVs, and we found out that when all of them were plugged in, it caused the receiver to glitch, mainly causing the collective servo to jolt. A hypothesis is that the PPM Rx couldn't handle the changes in voltage caused by the servos all running at once and so it was glitching. (At this point I'd probably better tell you that I'm in the slightly unusual situation of having all digital servos on a beginner machine, due to the fact that dad had a set hanging around) After that, I changed the PPM Rx for a PCM one, and it seems to work fine now - aparrently the difference in the way a PCM and PPM Rx handles the signal makes all the difference in this case!
Obligatory 'Me and My Heli' pic :D

At the 3D Masters I wasn't able to get any good photos of the flying, but my sister made it her mission to get pictures of all the guys who were flying CSM. She didn't get them all, but here are a few of her better shots!
3DM - Dad doing his talk with Rob
3DM - Watching Dad's talk
3DM - Me and Vladimir, Sportsman with his Raptor
3DM - Ron Sebastian, Master, with his Electric Raptor

3DM - The paper numbers being a pain!
3DM - Practice field pits and flightline
3DM - Matthew Booth, Sportsman
3DM - Peter Roper, Expert

3DM - Jonathan Bossion, Master, getting ready to fly
3DM - Duncan Osbourn and his Synergy

If anyone has any objections to me posting their photo, could they please let me know as soon as possible and I'll remove it.
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