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Took these two pics of my Titan with my cell phone while the engine was a little above idle. Too funny!
Still think your blades need to be perfectly balanced? ;)

This is the stock V2 Raptor tail hub. Notice the crack forming on the center part along the right side edge. Upgrade yours to part number PV0499!
Raptor 90, Raptor Titan, Raptor 30V2 and my son, Vincent

Align T-Rex 450SE V2
Align's newest version of the V2
Notice the beveled edges on the center hub. Blade grips have also been reshaped
The battery tray's angle is less severe than that of the V1. Motor is 430XL, ESC is the new 35X
New boom block is flat on the bottom which allows the gyro to be installed inverted without having to flip the block and boom

Raptor 30V2
Originally built with long flight times in mind...'s now powered by an OS37 SZ-H and MP2
Futaba 3010 servos (.20sec/72oz/in) provide more flights per Rx battery charge than digitals
Maverikk pipe is very quiet

The V2 now wears an MP2. This one has been welded. A little 320 grit paper on a D/A sander and she should clean up nicely. Major power increase over the Maverikk!
MP2 after I sanded the welds down with a D/A
MP2 after being scuffed with a Scotch Brite pad for a matte finish look
OS32 SX-H provides 30 minute flights! (Been removed and waiting to be installed in another Raptor)

OS37 SZ-H freshly installed awaiting break-in. Should provide tons more power than the OS32. UPDATE: This thing is a powerhouse!

Raptor Titan
Maverikk 620mm Patriots
QuickUK Bling
MP2 Pipe

When Cool Power Says "Low Smoke", They Mean It!
Some slow forward flight during engine break-in

Thunder Tiger MD530 Raptor 50V2
Functional spot light
Swivels side to side
Powered by a seperate 1100mah NiCd and switch. Does not feed off of the Rx pack

Switch that's used to turn the spot light on and off
Pics from second test hover flight after adding weight to balance the heli
Swapped the white paddles for black to slow down the cyclic

MD530 now wears an all metal Mavrikk head

One of my other hobbies, 1973 Chevy Vega Wagon 9.87 @ 135.70

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