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Gaui X5
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Cap bank to reduce BEC voltage spikes

Cap bank mounted in the frame

Gaui X5 Spec:

  • Motor: Stock Scorpion 910Kv 1820W BL motor
  • ESC: Stock Gaui 100A ESC using the built in BEC
  • 6S Gens Ace 4400mAh batteries
  • Mini-VBar with 2x Spektrum satellites RX
  • VBar Governor with Hobbywing phase sensor
  • Align DS610 servos on cyclic @ 6.0 volts
  • Futaba BLS251 servo on tail
Heli-Professional Revolution

Here is the contents of the box
The main frame and gear

The collective servo frame
The head

Swash plate and washout base
Flybar carrier and control arms
YS91, Clutch and Fan unit
Frame and engine

Load carrying parts
Tail rotor control (rotation instead of sliding)

Left side
Servo tray
Servo cabling and plumbing

Under the hood
Switch, HRPoly-X and UBEC
Dual BEC wiring schematic
Throttle setup with return spring

RevLock sensor mount
Clutch without fan unit
Fan unit with RevLock sensor mount
Under side

From below
Ready to fly (canopy not painted)
Maiden flight

Heli-Professional Revolution Spec:

  • OS91 SZ with MP5
  • RevLock10 governor
  • CSM CycLock CCPM Mixer
  • Futaba S9252 for CCPM
  • Futaba GY611 gyro with S9256 servo
  • Thunder Power 11.1 volt, 1320 mAh LiPoly battery
  • UBEC switching 6V regulator
  • HRPoly-X Low Voltage warning device
  • None needed
Raptor 50

Heli on my mind
Mowing grass

Raptor 50 Spec:

  • OS 50 Hyper with MP2
  • RevLock governor
  • Futaba S9252 on cyclic
  • Airtronics 94758Z on pitch
  • GY502 gyro converted to a GY601 with S9254 servo
  • Thunder Power 11.1 volt, 1320 mAh LiPoly battery
  • Medusa 6.0 volt switching regulator
  • HRPoly-X Low Voltage warning device
  • Quick UK metal head and swash plate
  • TT Carbon blades
  • Quick UK fan
  • CarbonExtreme MicroRidged Dampers
  • Aluminum pitch lever
  • TDG Tail rotor hub
  • Uni-flow fuel tank set-up
  • and more
Trex 450V2 Flybarless
Trex 450V2
Gaui head
Chinese weights

Cracked main blade hub

Trex450 Spec:

  • Motor: Scorpion HKII-2221-10 3000Kv
  • ESC: Castle Creations Phoenix Ice Lite 50
  • 4S batteries: Thunder Power 2200mAh and Jack Power 1700mAh
  • Mini-VBar with Spectrum satelite RX
  • Hitec HS-5065MG servos on cyclic @ 6.0 volts
  • Hyperion DS11GCB servo on tail
  • Gaui flybarless head
  • Align torque tube tail drive
  • Chineese tail rotor weights
For Sale - Hornet II Custom - For Sale

FoamFactory Extra 3D

Future Heli Pilot
I want to play with this heli.
I think I need to adjust this flybar!!!
I am a bit sceptical about this one

Field Equipment

Adapter shaft made from a "slightly used" Raptor 50 main shaft

Other Files

Raptor Flybar Padle Mod.pdf  18k Template for lightening the original Raptor flybar padles

Hornet 2 Custom Body.pdf  84k Templates for my customized Hornet 2 C/F and AL body

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